Royal Family Used As Pawns? Camilla Slept With Prince Charles To Get Back At Andrew, Who Was With Anne

Using The Royal Family As Pawns? Camilla Slept With Charles To Get Back At Husband Tom, Who Was With Anne [Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Was Prince Charles seduced as an “act of revenge”? A new biography states that when Camilla Shand met Prince Charles, she only hooked up with him to get back to her unfaithful boyfriend, and eventual husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles. What exactly happened, and was this the beginning of Camilla using members of the royal family members as pawns in her personal quest for revenge?

According to royal author Penny Junor, Camilla was so lovesick over Parker-Bowles’ cheating that she used the future King of England in what Junor called a “tit-for-tat.”

Junor has written the new book The Duchess: The Untold Story about Camilla. This book has been approved by the Duchess of Cornwall. Junor tells a story of the meeting between Charles and Camilla that was not quite love at first sight.

Apparently, Andrew was a serial cheater and slept with Camilla’s friends, and she was tired of it. She wanted revenge. According to the Times, Charles and Camilla were introduced by their mutual friend Lucia Santa Cruz in 1971, and this is when Camilla decided to use Charles to take revenge on Andrew.

According to Junor, on first meeting Camilla, Charles was smitten. She claims that “he thought she was pretty special,” but as for Camilla, she thought nothing about Charles. Instead, it was her wandering boyfriend that she was focused on. Junor insists that Camilla was “passionately “in love with Parker-Bowles.

Camilla thought, “Andrew is at the moment off with Princess Anne, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Junor claims that this is when Camilla decided to have a fling with Charles, interestingly enough, Princess Anne’s older brother.

Junor told the Daily Mail that Camilla wanted just to make Andrew jealous and have some fun along the way.

“Indeed, her principal motivation was to have some excitement and make Andrew jealous.”

Camilla never set her cap on Charles as a future husband. She just thought of this as a fling.

“She knew the affair with Charles would never go anywhere, could never go anywhere.”

Fans of the late Princess Diana may wonder if Andrew Parker-Bowles had been more faithful, Camilla would not have been involved with Charles in the first place and, perhaps, William and Harry’s mother would still be alive today.

When Camilla went off to marry Andrew Parker-Bowles, Charles was quite heartbroken.

Although Camilla left Charles alone when he was first engaged to Diana, the two wound up having an affair that led to the destruction of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana.

According to Yahoo Australia, Diana told Andrew Morton of when she knew her marriage was over. She approached Camilla, who she nicknamed”Rottweiler,” and Diana asked her “to leave my husband alone.”

Camilla’s response made it clear to Diana that she had no intention of ever doing so, breaking the Princess’ heart and any ruining hope for a happy marriage and family life with the man she loved.

Junor’s goal of the book is to destroy the untrue “myths” about the Duchess and show how Camilla has been a “positive impact” on Charles’ life.

What do you think of Camilla using Prince Charles to get back at her boyfriend? Do you believe that had Andrew Parker-Bowles been more faithful, Camilla would not have been involved with Charles and perhaps Princess Diana would still be alive?

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