Rapper Drake Fires Back At Nightclub That Is Suing Him

Back in June, rapper Drake and R&B singer Chris Brown were involved in a fight at New York City’s W.i.P nightclub. Following that fight, a nightclub in the same building has filed a lawsuit against Drake.

The second club, a spot called Greenhouse, is claiming that the fight next door to its own entrance caused irreparable harm to its reputation, ultimately costing millions of dollars in lost business.

Greenhouse is run by Entertainment Enterprises, and that parent company has filed a $16 million lawsuit against Drake.

Now fighting back against those charges is Drake. He claims Greenhouses rep already includes a sordid past of fights, gang violence, and other public unfriendly acts. Drake notes that the club was nearly shut down by the New York Police Department (NYPD) in 2011 following a “string of violent incidents.” Drake also notes that the club has a history of “violence and other problems” that have already tarnished its reputation.

The rapper also notes that bad press created by his fight with Chris Brown was manufactured by the media industry and not by his posse.

Greenhouse may be in the same building, but a quick search finds very little attachment to that club and the Drake fight.

The rapper’s lawyers have asked that the case be dropped because it holds no merit based on Greenhouses own problems with its reputation and the law.

Do you think Drake should pay for starting a fighting in an attached establishment, or is Greenhouse management simply trying to make a few bucks at a time when its business is failing?