Update On The Hall Of Presidents In Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World - Reopening Delayed Until 2018?

Danny Cox

The time is quickly approaching where Donald Trump won the election to become the President of the United States one year ago, but he still hasn't made it to Walt Disney World. Ever since January, the Hall of Presidents attraction in Magic Kingdom has been closed for refurbishment, and the reopening date keeps getting pushed back. Now, it seems as if once again, there may be a major delay and it might not open for guests until 2018.

It was confirmed by Disney earlier this year that Donald Trump was going to be in the attraction and that he would have a speaking part. From there, it was all a matter of wondering when the show would open since it was originally slated to be back in operation by the end of June.

As reported by My News 13, the Hall of Presidents was simply slated to open by "late 2017" when Jacquee Wahler, vice president of communications for Disney, was asked.

With 2017 moving forward and time running out in 2017, some are wondering if it will open around the one-year anniversary of Trump's election win. Well, Disney is either waiting to truly honor that "late 2017" promise or the reopening of the attraction has been pushed to next year.

On the official website for Walt Disney World, it stated that the refurbishment of Hall of Presidents was scheduled to go through Dec. 31, 2017. Now, that page has been updated and there is no end date at all listed, but what does that mean?

It is possible that Disney simply isn't quite sure when the Hall of Presidents is going to reopen and not having any date on their site allows them to not disappoint anyone. Looking at the schedule, there are no showtimes listed through the rest of the year or into 2018.

Some Walt Disney World cast members have said that work on the Liberty Square attraction is starting to show up on the schedule near the end of October. While that is something, it still doesn't give any kind of a definite date for it to reopen. Magic Kingdom has a large number of other attractions to keep guests entertained, but so many have been anxious to see Donald Trump in the Hall of Presidents, and they're hoping it is before 2018.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]