Exit Strategy For Ivanka Trump Already Being Planned? Sources Reveal What One Option Is

Is there an exit strategy for Ivanka Trump leaving her White House job? A recent report in Politico shed light on the possibility that both the first daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, could be having their adviser positions to President Donald Trump scaled back due to confusion and resentment over their roles. Moreover, the president is said to be protective of his daughter against the attacks that she’s suffered as a result of her being his special assistant. She’s frequently clobbered on social media and he reportedly told her she’s getting “killed” and that’s “a bad deal.”

According to Axios, friends claim Ivanka and Jared never saw themselves in their roles over a four-year period in Trump’s administration. Speculations about when they might make an exit from their high-profile posts have been the subject of several news articles. The latest reports make it sound as if Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner leaving the White House is more of a probability than a possibility at this point. Since the two must now consult with Gen. John Kelly before accessing the president, it’s resulted in them making adjustments to their agendas that are meant to shield them from so much scrutiny. Ivanka will focus solely on her portfolio, which involves job creation, paid family leave, working families, child-care tax credit, STEM education, and an effort to help women entrepreneurs via the World Bank fund. Jared’s formal portfolio will remain on peace talks with the Middle East, NAFTA, making improvements to federal prison job training programs, and his Office of American Innovation.

What exit strategy will there be for Ivanka Trump if she leaves her job at the White House? Sources say one option is President Trump handling it in such a way that he makes the announcement regarding the move. It’s believed he’ll say that his daughter has paid too high of a price for him and that she should return to her own life.

Earlier this year, Politico released another report in which sources alleged that Jared is especially “miserable” in Washington, D.C. because he hasn’t been able to accomplish all that he’s wanted to there. Will he and Ivanka Trump leave Washington sooner than later?

[Featured Image by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images]