‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Is Setting Jason And Sam Up For A Huge Shock When Patient 6 Arrives In PC

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Franco (Roger Howarth) is struggling to hide Betsy’s (Deborah Strang) revelation about Jason Morgan’s twin from Liz (Rebecca Herbst). He tells Liz that the boy in the photo from his childhood is only a neighbor.

Franco Mulls Over Decision To Share Jason Twin Bombshell With Liz

However, it soon dawns on Franco that he can’t continue hiding the truth from Liz. He realizes that he would soon have to update Liz on the matter.

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) also advises Franco to share the information with Liz. He argues that Franco can’t hope to continue lying to Liz about it.

Franco mulls over his decision and concludes that he would have to come clean to Liz before she stumbles upon the truth herself. Franco fears that trust issues could arise between him and Liz if she later realizes that he’s been hiding the truth from her.

Franco Opens Up To Liz

General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 9 state that Franco finally makes a decision to share Betsy’s revelation about Jason Morgan’s twins with Liz.

GH spoilers state that when Franco approaches Liz, he apologizes to her for taking so long to share the information. Franco won’t keep anything back when he finally shares Betsy’s Jason twin news with Liz.

Liz is amazed when Franco shares the bombshell revelation. It seems that she tells Franco that he needs to share the information with Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco).

Should Franco Share The Bombshell With Jason?

Franco would likely be reluctant to share the information with Jason and Sam. He might think that it is wiser to keep the information from Jason while he is still recuperating at the hospital. To avoid agitating Jason with shocking news about a long-lost twin while he is recovering from a nearly fatal accident, it might also be necessary to keep Sam in the dark because she won’t be able to keep herself from spilling the secret to Jason once she learns about it.

It seems that Liz first insists that Franco should share the information with Jason and Sam. However, General Hospital spoilers for October 10 tease that Liz changes her mind about her first decision. This could mean that after having thought about it, Liz decides against keeping Jason and Sam in the loop until they settle down to their normal life disrupted by Jason’s accident.

Patient 6 Shocker Awaits Jason And Sam?

If Liz and Franco decide to stay quiet about the bombshell news, then the arrival of Patient 6 in Port Charles would come as a shock to the couple.

Fans know that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) has escaped from the clinic in St. Petersburg and is roaming the streets in desperate need of help to return home. He later meets Father Stanislov, who offers help.

Thus, it seems likely that if Liz and Franco decide to withhold the information from Jason and Sam, Patient 6 could arrive in Port Charles before they eventually have the chance to talk to the couple.

The first encounter between Patient 6 and Sam, and later Jason, promises to be explosive.

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