Nikki Bella Pretends To Be Pregnant With John Cena’s Baby

Nikki Bella is strapping on a baby bump and pretending she’s pregnant with John Cena’s baby.

The WWE diva, who’s currently competing on Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars, showed off her baby bump in a new clip from her and sister Brie Bella’s E! reality show Total Bellas and seriously turned heads – but probably not for the reason fans may think.

Rather than the bump itself having fans talking after Nikki and her fiancé John have been very vocal about potentially never becoming parents, instead, Bella was actually sporting the fake bump while wine tasting with her twin sister and a friends.

A clip of Nikki’s controversial pregnant wine tasting session obtained by Entertainment Tonight shows the DWTS knocking back the alcohol as other drinkers look on in shock.

“Just think, Nicole, you’re going to give everyone at the vineyard a story to go talk about later today,” Brie joked of her sister drinking while pretending to be with child. Bella also told her twin that she made a “cute” pregnant woman.

Nikki, who was wearing the fake baby bump in support of sister who was expecting her first child at the time, then raised even more eyebrows by exclaiming as she asked for more wine, “My baby likes to have all the fun, too!”

The preview clip then ends with the Bella twins about to head over to a group of women who stared at Nikki as she drank another glass after she claimed that she was “getting judged” while drinking with her fake belly strapped on.

Of course, Nikki isn’t really expecting a baby with John, her husband-to-be, and even revealed that she’s already lost five pounds while preparing for the currently airing season of Dancing with the Stars.

Bella and Cena have also been very vocal about potentially never becoming parents after John proposed to his the fellow WWE star in the ring back in April.

Nikki Bella Pretends To Be Pregnant With John Cena's Baby In New Video

Speaking to TMZ about kids earlier this year, Bella confirmed that she’s been asked a lot about having children since getting engaged but confirmed in no uncertain terms that she has no plans to get pregnant with Cena’s baby for real.

“I’ve been getting that question a lot, let me tell you. No, there won’t be [any children],” Bella said in April. “John doesn’t want kids, so we’re not going to have kids.”

Nikki also told Entertainment Tonight in May that being with Brie when she gave birth to her daughter Birdie, who’s now 4-months-old, has made her okay with potentially never being pregnant for real and not having children of her own with her fellow wrestler.

“Being with Brie in labor for 22 hours, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine not doing this, I think I’m okay,’” Nikki said, confirming that she and her fiancé may never have children and she’s just fine with that.

“I saw a lot, and I can’t unsee that,” she added of her time in the delivery room with Brie.

Nikki Bella is currently competing on Dancing with the Stars Season 25, which airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC. Total Bellas airs on E! on Wednesday nights.

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