Stephen Paddock Facebook, Casino Lawsuit: Twitter Calls Shooter 'Left Anti-Trump Democrat,' Bernie Sanders Fan

The facts about Stephen Paddock, the man who opened fire on 22,000 concertgoers in Las Vegas, are trickling out -- but some social media users are filling in the blanks with unfounded allegations about Stephen, and claiming that Paddock's Facebook page revealed that Stephen was a Bernie Sanders' loving Democrat and an anti-Trump person who recently converted to Islam. None of those accusations have been proven or backed up with Facebook screenshots, but are hotly searched for items, according to Twitter, with searches for "Stephen Paddock anti-Trump" and "Stephen Paddock Bernie" and "Stephen Paddock left" pouring into the social media network's search engine. As seen below, one Twitter user claims Paddock shouted "Bernie can still win!" as Paddock shot into the crowd, without any legitimate witnesses to the shooting citing that notion.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Marilou Danley lived with Stephen, and although Danley's Facebook account has been deleted, a photo of Marilou in Dubai was posted to Facebook prior to its deletion. Certain Twitter users have gotten a screenshot of that photo of Marilou in Dubai, and have used the photo to claim that Stephen converted to Islam without proof that Paddock did so. What is known thus far, as seen in the below photo, is that Stephen's brother, Eric Paddock, said that he feels like an asteroid has hit his family and that he is in shock at Paddock's crime.

As reported by Heavy, the Clark County Courts do have a record of Paddock from 2012, when Stephen filed a lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel and resort, which was dismissed in 2014. It's not clear why Paddock was suing the hotel, but news about "Negligence – Premises Liability" was reported via the court records. The lawsuit was settled through an unknown payment via arbitration.
Meanwhile, in the rush to identify Paddock's Facebook account, some Twitter users and other social media users took screenshots of the wrong Stephen Paddock's Facebook account, as seen below. A "Stephen Paddock" from Nova Scotia has had his Facebook photos spread around, and that wrong Paddock is getting death threats.
The photo of the real Paddock has been taken from Marilou's Facebook account, since Stephen allegedly did not have a Facebook account -- as reported by the below - or Paddock's Facebook account was deleted. Allegedly, Stephen's brother Eric Paddock posted a video to Facebook of Stephen's shooting, along with the notion that he wish he could've done something.
"I wish there was something I could have done."
However, that looks like a fake Facebook account. The real Facebook account appears below.

A search for Stephen Paddock's Facebook account returns all sorts of theories claiming Paddock's Facebook account was removed -- along with alleged photos purportedly taken from Paddock's Facebook account that have not been verified.
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