Celebrity Chef Jose Andres Sends Donald Trump Tips To Do Better In Puerto Rico Via Twitter

By his level of passion, you would think celebrity chef Jose Andres was a native of Puerto Rico, but the Spanish-born chef is now down in the trenches, feeding thousands with his delicious paella. But this weekend, the top chef (who has two Michelin stars) took some time to send President Donald Trump a lengthy series of tips on Twitter telling him what he should do to help the struggling people of Puerto Rico.

Each tweet in the series from celebrity chef Jose Andres started with the same opening -- "If I was @realDonaldTrump" -- and each explained what Trump can do for the hurricane-ravaged island. Additionally, Andres criticized Trump for dropping the ball.

Chef Jose Andres and Donald Trump have a history as the two were involved in a lengthy lawsuit after Andres refused to open a restaurant in the new Washington, D.C. Trump Hotel despite a contract to do so. Chef Jose Andres, now a naturalized American citizen, took offense at Trump's assessment that Hispanics were rapists and drug dealers. Andres put his money where his mouth is, facing millions in damages, to stand up for his staff, and he and Trump settled their lawsuit secretly.

But over the weekend, the celebrity chef sent Donald Trump several tweets telling him what people in Puerto Rico need while giving a clinic in how to help in a disaster. Chef Jose Andres and his crew were among the first responders in Haiti, Houston, and now Puerto Rico, so if anyone knows how to care for the displaced in a disaster, it's Andres.

But even Andres gets frustrated while trying to help those in need in Puerto Rico.

"Today's a hard day. We've been getting deliveries, but we've been missing a few things. When we have bread, we don't have cheese... But more or less, things keep falling into place."

Sunday in Puerto Rico, celebrity chef Jose Andres fired off a series of tweets to tell Donald Trump exactly what was on his mind while making an enormous paella.

Andres started out sharing the basic needs with Donald Trump about the best way to get food delivery back to somewhat normal.

"If I was.@realDonaldTrump I would give gas to the 2 bigger bakeries, fully functioning, so their trucks can deliver bread around the island."

Next, Andres, clearly frustrated, sent Donald Trump a tip about the speed in which he responded to the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico, considering how fast he got to Houston and Florida.

"If I was @realDonaldTrump I would be in Puerto Rico to lead no more than 2 days after the disaster."
If it were not for the bad blood between Jose Andres and Donald Trump, Trump could learn a lot from the celebrity chef about sustaining first responders and displaced people in Puerto Rico. According to Andres' team back in Washington, D.C., the chef and his people are feeding 5,000 people a day, and since Monday, they have served over 15,000 meals. Chef Jose Andres was due back in Washington yesterday, but he is sticking around in Puerto Rico for the long haul, telling everyone that he can't and won't leave.

While many are struggling to get supplies, Andres is digging into his own pocket to make things happen.

"When you have a credit card, everything is possible."
Celebrity chef Jose Andres took particular offense to Donald Trump's criticism of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, who, according to Andres, has been boots on the ground since minute one.

"If I was.@realDonaldTrump I would not Attack a leader that has work non-stop for her people."

And the last thing Andres had to say to Donald Trump was to back off the media, as they are playing a critical role by keeping the rest of the country informed.

"If I was.@realDonaldTrump I will stop attacking the media, with their reporting keeps everyone inform [sic] actually helping fix satellites."


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But while the attention of President Donald Trump and the federal government is critical, celebrity chef Jose Andres says that donations from the private sector can be put to use immediately. Andres is working hard to feed everyone who comes to his location, but he is also working on delivering his food to local hospitals.

"I'm sure the Red Cross has money, I'm sure FEMA has money. I'm sure they are using the money well, but I can tell you, as the private sector, we can use the money very well."

What do you think of the tips that celebrity chef Jose Andres sent to Donald Trump via Twitter? Do you think chef Andrés is correct?

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]