Teen Claims NYPD Police On Duty Arrested, Handcuffed, And Raped Her, Officers Claim Act Was Consensual

NYPD Police Rape Case

An unidentified 18-year-old-girl was reportedly raped by two New York Police District (NYPD) officers after being arrested for a drug charge. The teenager was pulled over in Coney Island after being suspected of possessing drugs claimed she was raped. The two NYPD officers and their supervisor are currently under investigation, and they have been stripped of their badge and gun.

The teenager’s attorney, Michael David, revealed the young woman was pulled over by the NYPD officers, handcuffed, taken to a deserted area, and forced into performing sexual acts. In a statement, the young woman revealed how the experience traumatized her.

“I’m completely brutalized by the rape. Now every time I see any police, I’m in a panic.”

The young woman claimed the incident took place in September, and she went to a hospital in New York for treatment.

Meanwhile, the two NYPD officers who were accused of rape did not deny the allegations. The accused party claims the sexual act happened, but according to them, it was consensual. A spokesperson from NYPD revealed the Internal Affairs division is looking into the incident involving Brooklyn South narcotics.

NY Daily News also revealed the incident happened on Sept. 14 when the accused detectives Richard Hall and Edward Martins were in Brighton Beach for an undercover operation with Sgt. John Espey, their supervisor. While undercover, the two NYPD officers left in an unmarked Dodge minivan.

The two officers were next spotted at Calbert Vaux Park at 8 p.m. where they found the woman with two male friends. The woman was taken into custody and handcuffed after they recovered Klonopin, an anxiety drug, and marijuana in her possession. The detectives told her companions they will bring the woman to the 60th precinct. However, the woman was taken to a secluded area about two blocks from the precinct.

NYPD police officers accused of rape

When her friends found her, they took her home to her parents, and she was rushed to the Maimonides Hospital. The doctors found evidence of sexual assault, and the victim’s family filed a lawsuit against the city.

Detectives’ Endowment Association President Michael Palladino did not comment on the issue involving the two NYPD officers. According to him, “The investigation is ongoing and the information is changing hourly.”

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