Active Shooter At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas During Jason Aldean Performance

A shooting happened outside Mandalay Bay.

Multiple victims have been hospitalized after an active shooter started firing at a country music festival outside of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. ABC News shared what went down while Jason Aldean was performing on stage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. This is a big event where several country music stars perform and a huge crowd was there enjoying the show.

University Medical Center spokeswoman Danita Cohen shared that they have taken in several victims so far, but a lot of details aren’t out about what happened just yet. Part of the Las Vegas strip has been shut down at this time. The LA Times shared that at least two have been confirmed dead and 24 injured after tonight’s events.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said on Twitter that they were working an active shooter case outside Mandalay Bay. Reports came out of gunshots going off in bursts as videos started to show up on social networks. In the video, you can hear Jason Aldean on stage performing as the gunshots start. It takes about 10 seconds for Jason to figure out what is going on and stop performing his song. A woman starts shouting as people realize what is going on and more gunshots ring out.

At this time, police are not sharing if they have been able to take anyone into custody following the shooting outside of Mandalay Bay. KTLA went to their Twitter to share that the Las Vegas police are confirming that there is one suspect dead in this case on the 32nd floor, which is where reports were that the shots were coming from earlier in the night. The police scanner shared that he died from a gunshot wound, but it is unknown if this was self-inflicted or not. It has not been confirmed if there was more than one shooter, but it is suspected that this person wasn’t working alone.

Everyone in Las Vegas is being urged to stay out of the area and part of the Las Vegas strip is totally shut down from this active shooter. The country artists who were at Route 91 Harvest Festival are going to social networks to let fans know that they are okay after this event.

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]