October 2, 2017
Kailyn Lowry Finally Chooses A Name For Baby Lo

Kailyn Lowry has finally decided on a name for her third son, taking to Instagram to introduce her child with former flame Chris Lopez in the most motherly way possible.

The proud mother of three spent her entire pregnancy plus eight more weeks before she finally decided on a name for her youngest son on Sunday. In the past, the Teen Mom 2 star had referred to her son with Lopez as "baby Lo," a moniker that paved the way for the revelation of the identity of her third baby daddy.

Now, the 25-year-old reality TV star finally revealed the name she chose for her 1-month-old baby in an Instagram post.

"It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official," she wrote on the photo-sharing platform.

After giving birth in August, the 25-year-old reality TV star had a difficult time deciding on what to call her third child based on her statement to Us Weekly.

"I thought I had a name and I would refer to the baby as that name in text messages or say it," Kailyn Lowry told the outlet in September.

"And it didn't feel right so I kept trying a couple different ones and none of them felt right."
She even revealed that she didn't struggle as much in naming her first two sons, 3-year-old Lincoln Marshall and 7-year-old Isaac Elliott after they were born.
"I kind of have the one that I want to name him. But I haven't legally named him yet."
Without further ado, the Teen Mom 2 star has finally made the announcement on Instagram, sharing a photo of her third son and captioned it with a proper introduction.In the post, Kailyn Lowry also thanked Shop Highway for the custom-made blanket she used for the occasion.

While it was not immediately clear in the post if she had some help deciding on the name with Lux Russell's father, Chris Lopez, she previously revealed that her ex-boyfriend had been "very hands-on" when it comes to fatherhood.

"He's good! He's very hands-on and he kind of just picked up on it right away," she said in a Facebook live video as cited by InTouch Weekly.

She even noted how Chris was quick at learning the baby stuff, including diaper changing.

"I didn't have to help him hold the baby, he kind of just knew. Same thing with diaper changing and stuff — I've never seen him work with babies before but he kind of just knew what to do."
At the time, Kailyn Lowry also explained how she and her old flame are "getting along" just fine with co-parenting their little one, although they are still trying to figure out what setup will work best for them.
"Things are okay and we're getting along so I just want to keep that going. We're trying to figure out what works for us. Whatever that looks like."
Still, she did not really say whether or not they will become a couple again as they appear to be working on being good parents to their son first, based on a previous report from the Inquisitr.

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[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]