‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Spoilers: Henry And Cinderella’s Dynamic Teased, Expect Edgy And Rough Girl

Once Upon A Time Season 7 spoilers tease that Henry (Andrew J. West) and Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) will have a specific dynamic. What is known about these two characters?

Possible OUAT spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to risk finding out what could happen on the ABC series.

Once Upon A Time Season 7 premieres in less than one week. Everyone is curious about the new Cinderella. According to Entertainment Weekly, don’t expect the girl from the classic fairy tales. She will not be a damsel in distress. Instead, she will be edgy and a bit rough around the edges.

The reason why Cinderella has a different personality is because Ramirez is not a recast. She is playing a character from a different storybook. So, fans are going to see some of the same characters, but certain events, people, and situations will affect them. This includes their futures as well as certain elements of their personalities.

As the publication tried to explain, different cultures also have various versions of the fairy tale character. This also plays into Dania Ramirez’ portrayal of Cinderella in Once Upon A Time Season 7. The actress talked about what makes this princess different.

“The essence of who she is, it’s the same in both worlds. It’s still someone that has gone through a great deal of pain and maybe rejection.”

Once Upon A Time Season 7 spoilers confirm that Cinderella’s name in Hyperion Heights is Jacinda. She has a child named Lucy (Alison Fernandez.) As fans know, it is her daughter with Henry.

“Unlike other Cinderella stories, she’s not a damsel in distress. She’s not waiting to just go and meet the prince and marry him and have this guy come sweep her off her feet. She’s really taking action and really taking things into her own hands and is more of a rebel as the younger version in the fairy-tale world. There’s a lot of those rebellious moments that she has as Jacinda in the real world, however, she has her daughter to think about.”

As for Henry and Cinderella, it is teased to expect some bickering. Obviously, they loved each other at one point. After all, they married and had a child together. Somewhere along the way, Henry ended up away from his family, though. He almost seems to be in denial that Lucy is his daughter when she comes knocking on his door.

In fact, Ramirez hinted that despite the quarreling, expect to see a magical moment between them. Their love is compared to that of Henry’s grandparents, Charming (Josh Dallas), and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin).

“But there is that magical moment when they do first see each other that you know that there’s something really special and beautiful there, and that love really does exist. That’s what’s going to keep us throughout the season. I think we’re about to take a really beautiful journey together. I light a fire within him.”

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What do you think of what Dania Ramirez teased about Once Upon A Time Season 7? Are you looking forward to seeing Henry and Cinderella together? Set your DVR to record OUAT on Friday, October 6 on ABC network.

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