Stitch’s Great Escape At Magic Kingdom Being Turned Into ‘Alien Encounter’ Character Meet-And-Greet

Walt Disney World is undergoing a lot of big changes in the coming years and that includes a number of new rides and attractions to its different parks. A brand-new TRON ride is being built in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom but a lot of people thought something more would be happening to an older attraction in that area. Well, it is now known that Stitch’s Great Escape isn’t just seasonal anymore, but it is becoming an “Alien Encounter.”

Rumors from earlier this year had the seasonal attraction being shut down entirely and turned into a Wreck-It Ralph virtual reality ride. While anything is possible in the future, those rumors have proven to be nothing more than speculation and it simply isn’t happening.

Even though Stitch’s Great Escape has only been open a few months here and there in the last year, Disney is finally doing something more with it. Over the weekend, the sign outside of the attraction was changed as shown in a picture taken by Twitter user @1Ben_Laurence, and it appeared to hint at what was to come.

No longer does the sign talk about the experience inside, but it states there will be an “Alien Encounter Character Greeting!”

magic kingdom walt disney world stitch's great escape alien encounter character
[Image by Danny Cox]

There really isn’t much known about the attraction at this time as reported by WDWNT, but there isn’t much to really know. Cast Members in Tomorrowland are telling guests that the new location will simply be a house for Stitch to meet-and-greet guests throughout each day at Magic Kingdom.

For a while, Stitch met on Main Street U.S.A. by the flag pole at the front of the park. Earlier this year, he was moved from that area to a more fitting surrounding in Tomorrowland, but he still only met guests outside near Space Mountain.

Now, he’s going to meet guests in his very own location which will likely be themed to him, but it doesn’t seem as if he will be joined by anyone else. Some have hoped for Angel or another alien, but it seems as if it will only be Stitch once it opens.

There is no word on when it is going to open, but the changing of the sign makes it appear as if it will be soon.

Stitch’s Great Escape is one of those attractions which has been hit-or-miss for most guests visiting Walt Disney World, and the seasonal status appeared to signal the end of it. Now, nothing has really changed much, but Stitch having a character meet-and-greet in the building really does make a lot of sense. Making things even better is the nod to the old “ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter” attraction which closed in Magic Kingdom back in late 2003.

[Featured Image by Disney]