Mother Hears Daughter Being Raped, Calls Cell Phone During Attack

A call to her daughter’s cell this week led a mother in the UK to hear the young girl being raped as the attack was happening.

Concerned when her daughter had not returned home, she placed a call Tuesday evening and was disturbed to find the sound of a male stranger in the background.

An article by reports that the mother quickly phoned police out of fear for her daughter’s safety. It was discovered that the girl had been attacked while walking to an event in Elswick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the UK.

Forced into a grassy area, the 15-year-old teenager was sexually assaulted at knife-point.

The assault lasted for 90 minutes before the girl was released. After asking a taxi to drive her home, the teenager made a return call to her terrified mother. Initially saying that she had been the victim of a robbery, the daughter later revealed that she had been raped during the attack.

The Daily Mail reports that authorities at the crime scene recovered the kitchen knife used by the rapist during the attack. Closed-circuit television cameras caught images of the suspect moments before the event occurred. The photos were released to the public by police hoping for a lead to his capture.

The victim has been working closely with authorities since the incident. The girl’s aunt reports that she is learning to adjust after her ordeal:

“She is coping. But she doesn’t realize the severity of what’s happened to her because she’s only 15. She wasn’t drinking on the street like a lot of 15-year-olds do. She should have been safe.”

On Sunday police made a break in the case, announcing the arrest of an unnamed 19-year-old male.