Once Again, WWE Teases That John Cena’s Loss At ‘No Mercy’ Was The Last Match Of His Career

After John Cena lost to Roman Reigns at No Mercy, there were a lot of rumors swirling around that the torch had been passed and that the legend’s retirement was imminent. Cena hasn’t been heard from since and no one really knows what the future may hold for him, but is he really done? Instead of building up all hope and excitement for his return to the ring, WWE is continuing to play up the idea that Cena may be finished with wrestling.

The ending of the No Mercy match between Cena and Reigns wasn’t totally unexpected, but the post-match stuff was kind of odd. Cena sat there stunned and even raised Reigns’ hand once it was all over, and that was just weird. As the former champ left the arena, he even did it real slow and looked back at the crowd as if it was the last time.

Now, it has been a full week since the pay-per-view took place and the official website of WWE posted an article regarding Cena’s “first public appearance” since his loss at No Mercy. That already makes it seem like there may be more to his in-ring career and how things may go from here.

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While the title of the article from WWE already makes it seem like Cena may be finished, their opening line teases it even more.

“Although his in-ring future remains unclear at this point following his defeat to Roman Reigns at WWE No Mercy, John Cena is displaying no shortage of “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” as he inspires countless people across the globe.”

They kept playing up the idea that this was his “first appearance” since No Mercy and how weird everything is. For those that know, though, WWE doesn’t do that if a superstar really has called it a career and retired from the ring.

The truth is that Cena is taking time off from the ring to work on a few outside projects and film the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee as he will be the star. While he may be gone for a number of months, Wrestling News reports that it is possible he may be back by Survivor Series in October.

John Cena has had one of the greatest in-ring careers in all of WWE history, and if he retired right now, there is really nothing that he hasn’t done. He could walk away from wrestling at this very moment and likely have no regrets, but he isn’t done. Cena’s loss to Roman Reigns at No Mercy was a big one and the company is playing it off as if another legend may have been put down by the “Big Dog,” but there will be more to come after he finishes filming Bumblebee.

[Featured Image by WWE]