‘Halt And Catch Fire’ Shocker: Scoot McNairy Talks About Surprise Twist That Everyone Forgot About [Spoilers]

Halt And Catch Fire Season 4, Episode 7 knocked out a total surprise. This was the shocking twist that viewers had expected would happen for the past two seasons, but were blindsided because there was no foreshadowing.

Anyone who has not seen Season 4 Episode 7 of Halt And Catch Fire, entitled “Who Needs A Guy,” and who does not want to read spoilers, should not read further.

Halt and Catch Fire viewers have known since Season 2 that Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy) had degenerative brain disorder. There were doctor visits, and episodes of memory loss that led to Gordon’s inability to handle life.

Yet, two seasons later, there have been no physical or verbal reminders of his illness, save for a driver who takes Gordon to work.

Instead, Gordon has civilized dinners with his ex-wife Donna (Kerry Bishe), he is parenting his rebel older daughter, Joanie (Morgan Hinkleman), and his bright young daughter Haley (Susanna Skaggs)–who ends up working with Gordon and Joe (Lee Pace).

In an episode chock-full of the lead characters moving forward, the slow-motion, stroke death of Gordon Clark shocked the dedicated fans of the show.

As the sound of Donna singing “Baby Mine,” the same song that just a couple of episodes ago, Gordon hummed to his new girlfriend Katie (Anna Chlumsky), but could not remember what song it was, the important images of Gordon’s life are shown, like bullet points highlights of his life. This is both beautiful and heartbreaking to Halt and Catch Fire fans.

McNairy believes that because “Gordon is in a really good place this season,” there was much more “shock value” of the “sudden death.

Scoot explained to TV Line that “the Chrises,” Halt and Catch Fire creators Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers, purposely did not include anything about Gordon’s health issues this season.

So although viewers were well aware that Gordon was seriously ill, because of his previous diagnosis, and maybe even briefly assumed that Gordon medically needed a driver, the shock of his death was a total surprise.

One thing that the Chrises did not want to do was end on a sad note. Scoot explained that by having Gordon die in the midst of the season allows the show’s characters to move forward, and fans getting a positive glimpse into where they were going.

“So it gave them the opportunity to end the show on a high note, and not make it all about Gordon’s death.”

Could Gordon show up again in one of the final three episodes of the AMC show? McNairy hints that there is still an exciting scene with Gordon, before the series wraps up.

“Potentially! I will say this: what they did with him after he died was just as smart and beautiful as what they did with his death.”

Although there seemed as if there was a potential Gordon and Donna reunion, did McNairy believe that there was ever a chance that the former spouses could reunite? He doesn’t think so.

“I definitely don’t think [they] would have ended up back together. My personal thought is, when you have two kids [from] a marriage, you’re never really divorced. That person is going to be there for the rest of your life.”

Were you shocked by the surprise Halt And Catch Fire death of Gordon Clark? Did you wonder about his illness, or did you forget about it? Please share your thoughts and opinions below.

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