‘One Piece’ Episode 807-808 Review & Recap: Sanji’s Past And His Heartbreaking Duel With Luffy

It has been a long time since a serious duel happened between two members of the Strawhat Pirates. Recalling the One Piece Water 7 arc, Monkey D. Luffy fought Usopp for the rights to Going Merry. The latest episode features another duel, but this time Luffy will be battling against their cook, Vinsmoke Sanji.

Sanji’s Past

Before the much-awaited duel happened, One Piece Episode 107 showed a flashback of Sanji. It narrated how he escaped from the cruel world of Germa Kingdom to pursue his dream to become a cook and find All Blue. Because of the failed modification of his body, Vinsmoke Judge isn’t considering Sanji as his son anymore and felt a great relief when he learned that he wanted to leave.

Reiju helped Sanji to escape in the East Blue where he boarded an unknown ship. The crews of the ship found out that a kid sneaked in. Sanji begged to let him stay and vowed to do odd jobs. He ended up being a helper in the kitchen where he frequently asked the chefs if All Blue really exists.

Their ship was raided by the Cook Pirates, whose captain is Zeff also known as Red Leg. Despite being a kid, Sanji decided to fight back and told them that he can’t die until he finds All Blue. Zeff realized that he and Sanji shared the same dream, making him decide to save him when he fell from the ship.

Zeff and Sanji ended up on an island. They shared two sacks and went to different sides of the island to wait for a ship. When Sanji run out of stocks, he returned to Zeff’s location to steal his food. He found out that there’s no food inside his sack but only treasures. Aside from that, Sanji learned that Zeff sacrificed his leg to save him.

When both of them survived, they decided to build a sea restaurant in which they called Baratie. Zeff treated Sanji like his own son and taught him everything to become a cook and a real man. This is also the place where Sanji met Luffy, who invited him to become the cook on his pirate ship.

Sanji Versus Luffy — A One-sided Battle

After defeating Cracker, Luffy and Nami headed to the Whole Cake Chateau to meet Sanji. Luckily, they arrived on time and saw the cook together with his family and the Germa 66. Luffy’s energy immediately came back and expressed his excitement to see Sanji. Unfortunately, Black Leg doesn’t feel the same.

To everyone’s surprise, he kicked Luffy and called them “low-class pirates.” One Piece Episode 108 finally featured the much-awaited duel between Luffy and Sanji. However, the Strawhat Pirates captain isn’t fighting back unlike when he had a duel with Usopp. Even before the latest episode was aired, One Piece fans at reddit.com already predicted that Luffy won’t fight back.

Luffy isn’t convinced that Sanji really wants to quit as a cook in his ship. Despite receiving a serious damage, Luffy didn’t dodge nor use Haki to defend himself. Nami can’t withstand watching both of his friends fighting and tears started falling down from her eyes.

Sanji decided to launch his special attack in which successfully knocked out Luffy. Nami headed to Sanji’s location, slapped him, and said goodbye. On their way to the Whole Cake Chateau, Sanji can’t help himself but cry since he knew he can’t disobey his father’s order.

If he chose to return to his friends, he will end up losing his hand and Big Mom will send assassins to kill Owner Zeff. After Luffy regained consciousness, he promised Sanji that he will not leave his current location and wait for his return. Also, Luffy said that he will not eat anything unless Sanji made the food.

The latest episode of One Piece surely broke the heart of thousands of OP fans. However, Luffy and Nami shouldn’t only worry whether Sanji will return or not. The Big Mom Pirates are currently heading to their location to avenge the defeat of Cracker. Will a reinforcement come to save Luffy and Nami?

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