Kate Middleton Pregnancy Update: Royal Arriving Sooner Than Thought, Diet Duchess Is Following For Sickness

Kate Middleton has caused ongoing excitement over the past month ever since Kensington Palace reps announced that the Duchess is expecting her third mini-royal. Despite the announcement, Middleton has been unable to celebrate the happy news seeing as she has been so unwell with severe morning sickness.

Kate has experienced the debilitating condition with all three of her pregnancies. Kate’s mother, Carole, and her sister Pippa have been caring for the royal while she deals with the condition that causes constant and violent vomiting.

The latest in regards to how Middleton is managing to control the sickness, involves her diet. Details have been relayed as to the foods Kate has been eating to keep the terrible symptoms of the condition at bay as of late.

As stated, William has been attending events without Kate due to the pregnancy symptoms, but the Prince did relay that his wife has been feeling better and that eating “ginger biscuits” has been soothing Middleton during the tough bouts of sickness. Prince William added “she’s been feeling better,” as Food and Wine relays.

The publication goes on to state that the Duchess of Cambridge prefers to indulge in spicy Indian food when she is feeling more herself and that Prince William is happy to join in. Kate Middleton is reportedly nearing the point that she will be able to make public appearances once more. The Duchess is scheduled to make her first public appearance on October 10.

As for the date that the baby is set to arrive, there have been reports that Kate Middleton will give birth in April, however, new details suggest that the little one could arrive even sooner than that.

Reasons that there are speculations that suggest the baby could be arriving sooner include the fact that the pregnancy announcement was forced due to Kate being unable to attend events. Usually the announcement would have been made at the 3 month mark, yet rumors are swirling that Kate was less than 12 weeks pregnant when the terrible morning sickness incapacitated her.

Suggestions are therefore being made that Middleton and Prince William will welcome their third child as soon as March of next year. Prince William hinted that a sooner birth was likely when chatting with the Guardian, as Pop Sugar reminded readers.

“Prince William hinted that his next child could be arriving sooner than people have guessed, according to The Guardian. William reportedly told a midwife on the site, ‘All the best with the midwifery, I may see you sooner than you think.'”

[Featured Image By Chris Jackson/ Getty Images]