John McCain Cheating Scandal? Dying Senator Making Phone Calls To Secret Lover Connie Stevens, Report Claims

John McCain is reportedly carrying out an affair in his final days, with a report claiming that the Senator is making secret phone calls to a long-time lover under his wife's nose.

McCain announced earlier this summer that he had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, one that comes with a very grim prognosis. This disease brings a life expectancy measured in months, but a new report claims that McCain is making the most of the time he has remaining --- by connecting with a former lover.

A report from Radar Online claims that McCain has been making phone calls to Connie Stevens, the actress with whom McCain allegedly shared a previous relationship. The two first met in 1997 and there were rumors during McCain's 2008 presidential campaign that the two were having an affair.

That flame has been re-sparked, a source told Radar Online.

"John's carried a torch for Connie for decades and dreamed of meeting her years before he finally did in the '90s," the source claimed. "He thinks she's the most beautiful creature he ever saw."

McCain has been pulled into other cheating rumors in the past. In 2008, sources close to McCain's campaign claimed that the Republican candidate was carrying on an affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman, Radar Online noted. Both McCain and Iseman denied the affair, the New York Times recalled, and the issue largely fell into the background as the campaign went on.

The current Radar Online report claimed that McCain had regrets that the relationship with Connie Stevens never materialized beyond the alleged affair, with a source claiming McCain wishes he had married the actress.

John McCain is still married to his second wife, Cindy McCain, and the two have shown no public signs of trouble.

It is not clear if there is any truth to the rumor that John McCain is having an affair, and McCain has become a target for attack since sinking Donald Trump's plans to get rid of Obamacare. While Trump has attacked McCain both publicly and privately, some right-wing news outlets have also taken aim at the Arizona senator. While there are no signs that Radar Online is shopping the story as an attack against McCain, the report did not disclose the source or offer any evidence beyond the inside source.

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