Wendy Williams Cheating Scandal: TV Host ‘Furious’ After Husband’s Affair With Family Friend Comes To Light

Wendy Williams is reportedly “furious” after her husband’s cheating scandal came to light this week, but an insider said the television host is determined to remain focused on her work.

This week, reports emerged that Wendy’s 45-year-old husband Kevin Hunter had been carrying on a long-term affair with Wendy’s close friend, Sharina Hudson. Reports claimed that the two had been living a double life just under Wendy’s nose. As Hollywood Life reported, this is not the first time that Hunter has been accused of cheating on his wife, which has made Williams even more angry about the situation.

“Wendy is putting on a very brave face for the cameras, but behind the scenes she is furious,” a source told the celebrity news outlet. “She can’t believe that Kevin would put her in a situation like this, and she’s utterly mortified. Kevin swears blind that he wasn’t romantically involved with Sharina, but he’s cheated on her before, so Wendy can’t help thinking there’s some truth to the reports.”

The report went on to add that Wendy Williams and her husband were already suffering trust issues, and in the past, Wendy had disclosed that Kevin had other affairs. In those incidents, Williams was publicly critical of her husband but remained committed to her marriage.

That appears to be the case with the latest scandal as well. Despite the public embarrassment of the cheating scandal, Wendy Williams is reportedly not pulling the plug on her marriage just yet. The Hollywood Life source claimed that Kevin is on thin ice, with Wendy ready to pull the plug if he makes another mistake.

But Wendy is hoping to avoid a very public divorce and the humiliation that could come with it, the source added. Williams has also made a public stand behind her man, E! News noted. On her television show this week, Williams acknowledged the rumors that are circulating around the internet — though did not specifically mention the rumors that her husband is cheating — and pointed to her diamond wedding ring.

“I stand by my man,” she told viewers.

Later, a spokesperson for Williams denied the specifics of the cheating report, saying that Kevin was not having an affair with Sharina Hudson.

“One plus one does not equal three. This woman is a friend of Mr. Hunter but there is no ‘there’ there,” Williams’ spokesman Ronn Torossian also said in a statement (via E! News).

Despite the reports that Wendy Williams is furious over her husband’s cheating scandal, the source told Hollywood Life that Williams remains focused on her show and will not let the incident get in the way of her career.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]