Tom Cruise Reportedly Wants What Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Has?

After the rumors that Jamie Foxx was caught partying with Eva Longoria, new reports suggest that Katie Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise is reportedly jealous and concerned for the brewing relationship between his former co-star and his ex-wife. The recent report also alleged Tom is worried about Suri Cruise’s future with Jamie Foxx.

Ever since the pictures of Katie Holmes with Jamie Foxx surfaced online, Tom Cruise has started asking himself some questions about his life choices, reports Celebrity Insider. According to the news outlet, it came as a shock to Tom when he found out about Katie and Jamie’s relationship.

As earlier reported by Inquisitr, Katie and Tom ended their marriage in 2012, and multiple sources allegedly confirmed that Suri’s mother found solace with Jamie Foxx in 2014.

An insider recently claimed that Tom is now hoping to find a good partner for himself.

“Katie’s relationship with Jamie has made Tom take a look at his own relationship history and take stock of his own failure. Tom is bothered that Katie is so happy with someone else.”

The insider went on to allege that there was a time when Tom thought that Katie was the one woman in his life he truly loved but it all turned into ashes when she decided to end their marriage.

“Tom would love to find his own true love, someone he can share the rest of his life with too. At one time, Tom believed Katie was that woman. Now he wonders if he will ever be able to find true love again.”

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A second source apparently revealed Tom’s growing concern for Suri. According to an unnamed source, Katie is not supposed to let any boyfriend (Jamie Foxx) close to Tom’s daughter.

“She is allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she is not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter, Suri,” reported the unconfirmed source.

Suri Adapted A Life Without Tom Cruise

Vanilla Sky movie star Tom Cruise allegedly has not seen his daughter Suri, whom he had with Katie Holmes, in a really long time. There are a few news outlets that have alleged that the father-daughter duo has not spent a single moment together since 2013. Eleven-year-old Suri has completely adapted to life without her father. A source recently revealed to Life & Style magazine that 38-year-old Holmes wants to make sure that Tom’s name stays out of their conversation for good.

“Katie doesn’t want to bring up his name and have Suri start missing him all over again.”

The source raised the matter after noticing that during Katie’s interviews, she discusses her professional life as well as gushes over her daughter but refuses to talk about Tom Cruise.

“Katie is more adamant than ever about not talking about him, publicly or privately,” the mag’s insider added.

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To live a life without a father is pretty tough, so Katie even convinced her close friends and family members to reportedly stop talking about Tom Cruise as it will affect Suri.

“She has absolutely forbidden anyone close to her from discussing Suri or Tom with anyone.”

As of now, neither Katie Holmes nor Jamie Foxx’s representatives divulged the news of the sincerity of their ongoing affair. Based on Katie’s history with Tom Cruise and Church of Scientology, it is hoped by her well-wishers that the Batman movie actress will take things slow for a while and will not rush into all the marriage drama with her new beau.

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