November 2, 2017
Luc Besson Is Helming 'Lucy 2,' Movie Fans Are Wondering Why The Film Is Even Being Made [Update]

Update as of November 2, 2017

Luc Besson has personally stomped on rumors of a Lucy 2 production via a post on Facebook. According to CinemaBlend, Besson took to Facebook to slam journalists about reporting on a possible sequel to Lucy. The Valerian director cleared everything up by stating that he was never working on Lucy 2 and slammed journalists for reporting the "fake news."

Most journalists retorted back at Besson, stating that news of Lucy 2 came from EuroCorp's own CEO, Marc Schmuger. According to Comicbook, the piece of information was originally reported by Variety, which is known to be a credible source. Schmuger released information about the company during a shareholders meeting in Paris and confirmed the news to Variety. Among the news was information about a sequel to Lucy and a finished script for the sequel from Besson.

Original Report

Luc Besson's sci-fi thriller, Lucy, will be getting a sequel. EuropaCorp recently stated the Besson already has a script for Lucy 2. Movie fans, however, don't seem to be head over heels about the sequel, as shown by their social media reactions via Twitter and Reddit. In fact, some film aficionados were surprised to hear that the first iteration, which starred Scarlett Johannson, was actually pretty successful overseas.

According to Variety, Lucy 2 is part of EuropaCorp's strategy to make up for the lost revenue caused by Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The film studio, which was created by Besson, reportedly lost over $100 million on the movie and is now in the red. The company had to tweak its project list to stabilize its finances and has decided to concentrate on developing action thrillers and sci-fi movies like Lucy.

Besson's 2014 sci-fi movie Lucy was a big hit overseas, making more than $400 million in the box office abroad. Plus, the movie was well-received by critics, reported ScreenRant. However, the popularity of Lucy and positive reviews may come as a surprise to avid film enthusiasts. In fact, most comments on Reddit and Twitter seem to contradict the sci-fi flick's reception, suggesting that many movie fans were not impressed with Besson's 2014 film at all.

"I didn't know Lucy made money," commented hobbykitjr on Reddit.

Most comments on the Movies subreddit reveal that people were intrigued by Lucy's storyline, but not necessarily pleased by how Besson handled the concept. The movie's main plot explores the possibilities that could occur if humans were able to use 100 percent of their brain.

"I do like how ridiculous the concept went, and I don't get any more bothered by the 100% thing… but a lot of it just felt dull. There just wasn't much tension," wrote vadergeek on the subreddit thread.

News of Lucy 2 was not received well on Twitter either. Most of the comments were similar to those found on Reddit. In addition to critiques of the first movie, commenters questioned how Lucy 2 could continue a storyline that left no room for a sequel.

Lucy ended with Scarlett's character dissolving into a flash drive containing secrets scientists could use to make a better world. Given this ending, there is good reason to speculate that Johansson may not be returning to reprise her role in the sequel. Although, no news has been released about the movie except that the script is finished and that Besson will helm the project.

"Is Scarlett Johansson even coming back because the ending of the first implied no sequel," commented DruTube on BacklotReview Tweet of the sequel.

To be fair, however, there were a couple of comments about Lucy which may predict good fortune for the sequel. Some commentators pointed out that the Besson's sci-fi movie could be entertaining if taken at face value.

"I also watched the movie, and ironically felt I had to turn my brain off to enjoy it," wrote applebucks on Reddit.

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