NBC Anchor’s Water Breaks During Live Broadcast And She Keeps Going

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News anchors have done some odd and even weird things during a live broadcast and some strange things have occurred through the years while people were talking live on-air. This week, Natalie Pasquarella of NBC 4 was doing a live segment about Twitter and at one point she let out a little giggle over some of the content she was reporting on.

It was during that giggle when Natalie’s water broke, reports Fox News. The water breaking can only signify one thing. Natalie was in labor, but it didn’t stop her from continuing on with her segment.

She didn’t tell a soul, she just continued working and she finally let the producers at the NBC New York station know that she was in labor when the show was over. Natalie went to the hospital and her husband Jamin was notified and he met his wife at the New York City Hospital.

Today reports that Natalie handled her water breaking “just like a pro.” She and her colleagues had just wrapped up a segment about Twitter just before 11 p.m. when the broadcast was about to end. She was talking about Twitter testing out the expansion of its 140-character limit when she let out that giggle on air. That giggle acted like a switch because that’s the exact time her water broke.

Maybe Natalie knew something because she certainly wasn’t in a rush to get there, as she stayed and finished her work before letting people know her status. She was in labor for more than half a day, but during hour 13 of her labor, her baby boy was born. Natalie posted a picture of the happy family from the room at the hospital, which is seen below.

Apparently, Natalie’s little bundle of joy was born earlier than expected because she wrote on her Instagram post above, “A beautiful blessing decided to make his entrance early!” It is not known when Natalie’s original due date was, but the baby is fine and healthy. According to Fox, Natalie’s baby weighed five-pounds, six-ounces at birth.

So what is the baby’s name? Natalie told her NBC News station that she and her husband Jamin, are “overjoyed to meet Jamin.” So it looks as if the baby boy was named after his father. Today confirms that Natalie’s infant son’s name is Jamin James.

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