June 16, 2013
Bay Bridge Update: Bridge likely to reopen tonight

San Francisco commuters face another night of long delays with the latest Bay Bridge Update suggesting that the bridge won't reopen until late tonight or early Friday morning.

The bridge has been out of service since Tuesday, when a cable snapped on the bridge, landing on evening peak hour traffic below. The bridge has been closed since then as Caltrans has attempted to make repairs.

Caltrans said in a statement that welding had been completed in the damaged area, but that workers were still putting new steel in place. Even once the work has finished, testing and inspections would be required prior to the bridge reopening.

Twitter users reported extremely heavy traffic on alternative routes during this mornings commute, and BART reports a significant increase in users as commuters look to avoid roads.

UPDATE: Bay Bridge will now remain closed through Friday morning according to Caltrans.