California Schools Investigate Reports Of Flutes – Used By Students – Contaminated With Man’s Bodily Fluids

Flutes contaminated with bodily fluids were given to several california school ids

Flutes possibly contaminated with “bodily fluids” (which is to say, semen) were possibly given to at least 13 Orange County schools, and probably used by an unknown number of students, the OC Register is reporting.

On Friday, September 29, parents at several Southern California schools received alarming emails stating that officials were investigating a private contractor who may have contaminated an unknown number of flutes with his “bodily fluids.” One such email came from Mark Johnson, superintendent of the Fountain Valley School District.

“We were informed that an independent contractor who provided a music enrichment program to the fifth-grade classes at Courreges Elementary School, in June 2017, gave the students flutes/recorders that were potentially contaminated with bodily fluids.”

The flutes, or more accurately recorders, were made from PVC pipe and were brightly-painted, and are believed to have been given to children who participated in the Flutes Across The World program. An independent contractor, who is somehow connected to the program, but is not an employee of any of the affected schools, is the person under investigation. He’s being investigated by both the California Department of Justice and the Postal Inspection Service. As of this writing, his identity has not been made public.

Although school officials aren’t using the word “semen” to describe the possible contaminant, parent “Nate,” whose child goes to Courreges Elementary School in Fountain Valley, tells NBC Los Angeles that there’s no question what his child was possibly exposed to.

“You have to read in between the lines — and most likely it’s not sweat.”

Other notices went out to parents in Fullerton, Newport-Mesa, Chatsworth and the Inland Empire School Districts. According to a statement from the Los Angeles Unified School District, the contaminated flutes went to as many as 13 different school districts.

Some of the affected districts sent notices to affect parents, asking them to have their children stop using the flutes, and to place them in sealed plastic bags to be possibly used as evidence.

Meanwhile, the Flutes Across the World program seems to have removed itself from the internet for the time being. A search for “Flutes Across the World” on Google failed to return a website for the organization. A Facebook page bearing that name appears to have been deleted. A LinkedIn profile operating under the organization’s name merely links to a defunct website.

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