Nintendo SNES Classic Bundle Selling Out Fast: Why Customers Are Clamoring To Buy It

Nintendo’s SNES classic is slated to sell out within the day of its release. The Asian gaming company predicted the demand for the retro console based on its previous success with the NES Classic last year. The console’s high demand may be because it is sold with 20 classic games and one never-before-released game tailor-fit for the console, Star Fox 2. The value of the bundle may be the reason Nintendo fans are clamoring for the revived console.

According to MarketWatch, Nintendo ramped up production for the SNES, predicting that it would be as popular as the 2016 NES Classic. Some stores had 50 plus units of the bundle ready to sell on launch day this year, according to GeekWire. It seems like the Japanese gaming veteran once again underestimated the popularity of its console, however, as supplies for the Super NES still weren’t enough to meet the market’s demand.

Online vendors, like Amazon, allowed buyers to pre-order the device on August 22. As of writing, many online stores have claimed to be sold out of the console. Physical retail stores are running out of supplies as well. The Senior Vice President of Merchandising for GameStop stated that stocks for the Nintendo’s SNES sold out on the first day, reported Rolling Stones.

“Customer demand for the SNES Classic was just like we expected. We sold out of our SNES Classic inventory within minutes in both our GameStop and ThinkGeek retail channels.”

It can be speculated that the high demand for the console may be because it is being sold in a bundle. Including the games with the SNES Classic Edition could be enticing customers to buy it. In terms of value, buyers are getting more out of their money if they buy the bundle, compared to buying the SNES console on its own and its games separately.

As per Nintendo’s official website, the SNES Classic Edition bundle comes with two controllers and a number of games. The list of 20 classic games that come with the bundle includes hit titles like Super MarioWorld, Super Metroid, and Final Fantasy III. In addition to the 20 classic titles, Nintendo went above and beyond by releasing Star Fox 2 and including in the bundle as well.

Nintendo priced the SNES Classic Edition bundle at $79.99. GameValueNow took an inventory of bids on eBay for the individual games included in Nintendo’s bundle and concluded that the games alone would cost $738.26 if bought individually and separate from the SNES Classic.

In general, the SNES Classic and its bundled games could be the reason fans are lining up for the console. The retro design of the console, matched with the biggest hit titles of its time may be creating the right amount of nostalgia and hitting the sweet spot in terms of value for old-school gamers.

[Featured Image by Denis Poroy/AP Images]