Young Bucks Strike Back At WWE Cease And Desist Letter For ‘Two Sweet’ Hand Gesture

One of the biggest elements of the Young Bucks’ character is now potentially being eliminated. The “two sweet” hand gesture, popularized by the nWo Wolfpac in WCW, is frequently used by Nick and Matt Jackson to connect with their Bullet Club fans. In fact, the gesture was used in Bullet Club before they became members, but the duo has made it more popular since joining a few months after its inception.

Conversely, one of the founding members of Bullet Club, Finn Balor (then known as Prince Devitt), still uses the gesture on WWE television. This is no issue, since WWE owns the property of WCW, including the nWo gimmick. However, since the Young Bucks are outside of WWE, it is a problem.

It all stemmed from Bullet Club’s “invasion” of Ontario, California, this past Monday. In essence, Bullet Club did not invade the premises like D-Generation X did during an episode for Monday Night Nitro in 1998. Instead, they were at a nearby mall outside of Hot Topic hours before Raw, parading and drawing attention to many fans. This led to Vince McMahon hearing about the fracas, and not being amused in the slightest. As a result, a cease and desist letter was sent out to the Young Bucks, and they can no longer use the gesture.

Although the video was simply a segment of the Being the Elite YouTube show, WWE still wanted no forms of the gesture to be displayed outside of the company. As a result, the Young Bucks have removed all “two sweet” T-shirts from their websites, as well as sent the warning for fans to grab the shirts while they can, because, they will “never be able to wear [them] again.”

Even with a cease and desist letter, the Young Bucks are quick to show their witty ways. To bring a strong sense of humor to the legal action, the team has now launched a new “Cease and Desist” T-shirt design, censoring the gesture on the shirt.

While it would seem that the Young Bucks would lose quite a bit of sales due to no longer using or promoting the “two sweet” gesture, the new design will certainly engross supporters, and keep in stride with the sales of the banned design.

[Featured Image By Ring of Honor]