‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Robyn Kass Blasts The ‘Inside Scoop’ A Returning Player Joined ‘BB20’

Big Brother 20 spoilers revealed that CBS might have asked a popular BB19 houseguest to return next summer. The scoop sent the die-hard BB fans into panic-mode, as they braced themselves for another vet controlled season.

Robyn Kass, casting director for Big Brother, sounded off on social media about the rumors and set the record straight. She revealed that she hasn’t even started calling anyone for next summer, so if anyone claims CBS asked them –it’s fake news.

The BB20 spoiler came from a website called Conversation Worthy. They suggested that “inside sources” revealed that Raven Walton was asked to return. The site suggested that CBS believes that Raven got the raw end of the deal.

The website also indicated that CBS is planning on doing an all-stars season and they want Raven to join the cast. If Big Brother was planning on an all-star season, why would they ask Raven to return? She did nothing but lay in bed with Matt Clines all season long. The only time she got out of bed was when Paul Abrahamian instructed her to bully Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. Is it possible that CBS would bring her back, knowing the Big Brother fans hate her?

Big Brother's Christmas Abbott, Elena Davies, Raven Walton, and Jessica Graf
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According to Carter Matt, Allison Grodner said that CBS is always considering who they would like to return. She quickly added that BB isn’t planning on an all-star season anytime soon.

Another rumor getting buzz on social media is that Big Brother 20 would feature showmances such as Elena Davies/Mark Jensen, Jessica Graf/Cody Nickson, Victor Arroyo/ Nicole Franzel, and Zach Rance/Frankie Grande.

CBS has ignored the fact that Big Brother fans want to see a new cast with no returning players. If they plan to bring back favorite showmances, the series would probably lose viewers.


Robyn Kass and Allison Grodner seem to be on the same page. Kass blasted the news that Raven would return, by saying she hasn’t started casting the series. In the past, Robyn started that casting process in the spring. Grodner dismissed the idea that Big Brother 20 would be an all-star season.

Do you think CBS would ask Raven Walton to return? Would you like to see an all-star season?

Big Brother 20 will air on CBS in June 2018.

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