Scientists Conduct the First Ever Successful Quantum-Encrypted Inter-Continental Video Call

Quantum communication, including the quantum information science and technologies, are making an impact nowadays and to the coming 21st century. This was tested in the latest quantum-encrypted communication between two presidents of the academies of sciences of China and Austria.

Chunli Bai, the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Anton Zeilinger, the President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences conversed in a secured and encrypted video conference call on Sept. 29. This was made possible through the help and knowledge of quantum technology.

China and Austria are on two continents. The two presidents are just about 7, 400 kilometers apart, yet they communicated successfully using the quantum cryptographically secured video call. It was conducted in a live-experiment in the attendance of scientists at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and in the Chinese capital of Beijing together with media representatives, according to Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Zeilinger stated that the exchange of quantum encrypted information over inter-continental distances confirms the potential of quantum communication technologies, which is discovered by fundamental research. He further said that it is a very significant step for worldwide and secure quantum internet.

So, how did this quantum call become possible? The scientists used a Chinese quantum satellite called Micius, which was launched in 2016 to space for quantum physics experiments between Earth and space. The satellite sends out light particles known as photons to stations in China and Europe. In an approach to the video call, the satellite Micius produced light particles with an unsystematic oscillation direction called polarization.

The single photons that have polarization were then communicated as a series of ones and zeros to the ground station near the Graz city in Austria. From there, the polarization states were gauged and associated by chance with the series that were sent by Micius.

According to PicoQuant, quantum communication is an applied quantum physics, which is associated with quantum teleportation and quantum information. It materializes by applying telecom engineering, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science, mechanical and electronic engineering. One benefit of quantum communication is protecting information channels against spying utilizing quantum cryptography.

This video call is just the beginning of the influence of the quantum communication on the global scale. Watch out for it!

[Featured Image by Agsandrew/Thinkstock]