‘Big Brother 19’ Winner Josh Martinez Reveals The Surprising Thing He Plans To Spend His $500K Prize Money On

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez has big plans for his check from the CBS reality Show. While Martinez originally talked about giving some of his Big Brother money to family, the 23-year-old Miami native has now revealed that he plans to invest his $500,000 prize money in an interesting way.

Josh Martinez previously told Entertainment Tonight that he plans to hire a financial advisor to help him manage his $500,000 windfall. Josh also said he wanted to treat his mom and dad to something special and “give back” to them even though they told him they don’t want anything from him. But now Josh has revealed that he has plans for a new business venture that has nothing to do with his previous career in his family’s hair care products business.

“I actually have my own hair care products on eBay, Amazon, and online outlets like Zapp,” Martinez told Ocean Drive magazine.

“My parents go and sell some of it in the hair care industry, and they have their own hair care line. They’ve been doing that for, I want to say, for 15 or more years. But I would love to just invest some money in real estate and get into flipping houses, and have some cash flow come in from just real estate, properties, and things like that.”

[Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]

Although he worked as a salesman for his family’s hair care business before going on Big Brother, Josh Martinez revealed that he has always been interested in flipping houses but that he has never had the money to do it. Josh explained that he didn’t want to borrow someone else’s money for his real estate venture. Now that he has the $500,000 Big Brother 19 prize money, Josh Martinez says he can start investing in real estate on his own and buy houses to flip.

While he plans to get into house flipping, Josh also wants to grow his business and save money so he can enjoy it with his family. Martinez said that his three months in the Big Brother house “were not easy” and that he plans to take some downtime and take his family on a vacation. Josh also wants to use his platform and money from Big Brother to help victims in his home state of Florida after the devastation of Hurricane Irma.

Josh Martinez just booked a cameo on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful, but it doesn’t sound like he has any other plans to extend his reality TV fame after that.

Take a look at the video below to see Josh Martinez talking about his plans for his Big Brother prize money.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]