‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Plays Matchmaker, Alexis Goes On A Date, Julian Returns Soon, Maxie Pregnant?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of October 9 reveal that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) receives bad news. GH spoilers for October 10 indicate that the bad news which weighs on Alexis’ mind could be about Julian’s (William deVry) appeal.

Dr. Bensch (James DePavia) notices that Alexis looks tense so he offers support. Alexis expresses her appreciation but she prefers to face her problems alone.

Sam Plays Matchmaker For Alexis

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam (Kelly Monaco) offers to pair her mother up with someone for a date. GH buzz suggests that Sam could push Bensch to ask Alexis out on a date. Alexis is outraged when she learns about Sam’s interference in her love life. She would likely advise her to focus on her own love life instead.

Alexis Returns To The Dating Pool

Alexis is clearly missing Julian who is serving a prison sentence. She is struggling with adjusting to life without Julian. Despite her outrage over Sam’s meddling, she agrees to go out on a date with Bensch.

Alexis might think that Bensch is only a temporary distraction, a way to keep herself occupied while awaiting Julian’s return from prison. However, she could later find herself developing feelings for Bensch that complicate issues when Julian eventually gets out of prison.

Julian Will Be Back Sooner Than Expected

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian won’t stay too long in prison. Fans will recall that William deVry revealed in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest that executive producer Frank Valentini plans for Julian to return soon.

GH buzz indicates that Julian could return to Port Charles in time for the November sweeps. However, while Julian cools his heels in prison, he would likely have the time to reflect on his life, past mistakes, and regrets. He will also reflect on his relationship with Alexis. Julian will likely rue his past actions, especially his abusive treatment of Alexis.

Julian Will Have To Fight To Win Alexis Back

Julian makes a resolution to right the wrongs of the past when he gets out of prison. General Hospital spoilers, however, indicate that Julian finds he has to fight for Alexis when he returns from prison because she won’t be waiting to run into his arms as soon as he appears. She is dating another man.

‘Julexis’ Reunion Will Happen

However, despite the initial setbacks, General Hospital spoilers hint a Julexis reunion. But the reunion happens only after Julian addresses and makes amends for his past abusive behavior towards Julian.

Nancy Lee Grahn revealed in a recent interview with Soap Hub that abuse issues that marred the couple’s relationship in the past will be addressed before they reunite.

Grahn revealed that GH writers agree that Julian will have to atone for his past abusive actions towards Alexis. Longtime viewers of the ABC daytime drama will recall that Julian once nearly murdered Alexis with a dagger that was used to kill Alexis’ mother.

Is Maxie Pregnant?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) faces drama after her plan backfired, and Spinelli’s (Bradford Anderson) intervention outed Nathan (Ryan Paevey). Nathan becomes a focus of public attention after he’s been exposed. Maxie remains jealous about Nathan’s bond with Amy (Risa Dorken), but GH spoilers tease that Amy and Maxie will soon establish a closer relationship.

The whole truth about Ask Man Landers will soon be exposed and everyone will learn that Amy really is the one behind it, not Nathan. Amy’s eventually exposure could cause problems and place pressure on Maxie and Nathan’s marriage.

Spoilers for October 10 indicate that an unexpected issue impacts Maxie’s life.

General Hospital buzz teases that Maxie could discover that she is pregnant. A sibling for Georgie could be what “Naxie” needs to move on from the Ask Man Landers crisis and save their marriage.

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