Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Family's Intervention Before She Got Sober

In a new interview, Demi Lovato opened up about her past struggles with addiction and what it took to finally make the decision to get sober. According to the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer, it was the tough love that she received that really forced her to finally get the help she needed.

According to E! News, while talking about her past, Demi Lovato went into detail about the moment she realized that she had actually hit "rock bottom." While this is certainly not the first time that the singer has discussed her previous struggles with sobriety, during this new interview she admitted how much it really took for her to reach the realization of just how bad her condition was at the time.

In fact, Lovato revealed that the final intervention from her family and friends was not the first time they had tried to help her. It was during this final attempt at reaching the singer, however, that she realized she needed help because rather than telling her that they would leave her if she did not get help, her family and friends made it clear that this time they were leaving. That was the moment when she decided that "I really need to get help and get sober."

While it may have been her family telling her that they were done which made her come to this conclusion, Demi Lovato also acknowledged that this was her rock bottom moment and she knew she had to get sober for herself. Not only did the singer understand that she had a lot of life left to live, but one of the things that also really pushed her over the edge was the fact that she is especially close to her younger sister, Madison de la Garza. One of the things Lovato's parents made clear to her was that if she did not get sober, and stay sober, then she would not be allowed to be around her sister.
Ultimately, Demi Lovato was able to get the help she needed and completed her treatment back in 2011. Since then she has been able to remain clean and sober, and even co-owns her own treatment center in order to help other people. Not only is she actively working to help others as a mental health ambassador, but for the first time Demi Lovato is also using her music as a way to open up about her feelings on her past struggles and current sobriety.

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