Popular YouTube Channel Nickipedia Spawns Live Stage Show As Nick Uhas Gets Public Pumped About Science

Nick Uhas, the founder of the hugely popular YouTube channel Nickipedia, has come a long way since his Big Brother 15 days. The enterprising science fanatic has turned the popularity of his videos into a national live stage show, Nickipedia Live, selling out during his first performance.

Fans of the Nickipedia channel clearly rushed to get tickets to Nick's live show at the Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida, as the location sold out once locals discovered Nickipedia Live would be in the area.

Nick promoted the show during his latest stint on NBC's Today show, which he's now appeared on seven times. In addition, Nick has even shown off his scientific talents internationally when he appeared on Australian TV, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

According to Nick, Nickipedia Live is an interactive experience that engages people of all ages at colleges, universities, science museums, and other venues that embrace the love of science.

The goal of Nickipedia Live is to educate by taking science "to the extreme" via a combination of "highly visual lessons with audience participation," according to the show's website.

Nickipedia Live is described as being a "one of a kind show" that will have communities, families, and friends opening up a dialogue about science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, a cause near and dear to Nick's heart. Thus, Nick has broken down his live show as being, "40% Educational... 40% Entertaining... 20% Inspirational," according to the show's website.

Nick Uhas of BB15 fame brings his YouTube Channel Nickipedia to the stage in Nickipedia Live
Nick Uhas entertains fans with science at the Frost Science Museum in Miami, Florida [Image used with permission of Frost Science Museum/World Red Eye]

Not only has Nick been honing his science skills with Nickipedia Live, but this past summer he also appeared on NBC's America's Got Talent, blowing away the judges with his amazing experiments. Upon introducing himself he told AGT judge Simon Cowell, "I love science." He added, "...there's probably no bigger stage than this" to spread the word about the magic of all things scientific.

Nick further stated, "… Science is that cool," and proceeded to give each judge a balloon full of a chemical substance, asking them to inhale and speak into their microphones. The results were astounding as their voices changed dramatically, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Eventually, Nick called AGT judge Howie Mandel to join him on stage for a final experiment. Nick explained a trash can would be filled with liquid nitrogen, noting the chemical "is negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit." Howie was instructed to pour hot water on top of the liquid nitrogen and then back away from the concoction as quickly as possible. Howie did so and the result was a magnificent cloud that shot straight up, reaching heights of about 20 feet and spreading across most of the stage.
Sadly, Nick wasn't able to snag the $1 million grand prize, but he's been keeping busy with his Nickipedia Live show in various venues across the nation.

At present, Nick has no current dates set for a public Nickipedia Live presentation, but not to worry, as his experiments and adventures can be accessed for enjoyment and information anytime on his Nickipedia YouTube channel.

[Featured Image used with permission of Frost Museum/World Red Eye]