Four Kids Live With Dead Bodies Of Mom And Boyfriend: Despite Putrid Smell, They Thought They Were Sleeping

Four brothers who range in age from 5- to 13-years-old were living in a home for days thinking that their mother and their mother's boyfriend were "sleeping, but cold." The two were dead and the kids went on with their daily lives despite the awful smell emanating from the room.

One of the kids told a neighbor that their mom had been sleeping for days. The landlord was first to check on this report and when he went to the home, the oldest boy opened the door for him. The boy told him that his mother was asleep. The landlord noticed a "strong smell," reports the Mirror. This is when the police officers were called and came out to the house.

While their 32-year-old mother and her partner lay dead in their bed, the boys dressed themselves, prepared food for themselves, and went to school as if nothing at all was different. Police report they discovered the dead bodies of Rocio Aguilar and her boyfriend, Jose Antonio, 40, inside their south-western Spain home in the city of La Zaraz-Perrunal.

Police have ruled their deaths suicide by means of a deliberate drug overdose. The family was new to this town and the school had some concerns about the boys a few days before their mother and boyfriend died. Police went to the house at the time to talk to the mother, because she had forgotten to pick up the youngest child from school. One of the children answered the door and said that their mother was sleeping, so they left.

A woman who owns a hostel in town, Bella Vazquez, said the family arrived in town just weeks ago and they had nothing, reports the Daily Mail. She gave them a room in the hostel for four days. She said they were thrilled to have a place to shower at last.

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Vazquez told reporters that at the time they stayed at her hostel, she sensed something was wrong. She said "they were running from something," but what that something was, she didn't know. Among the folks at the hostel, there were suspicions that the mother and boyfriend were drug addicts.

The mother and boyfriend originally moved into a dilapidated rat-infested house with the boys. The kids slept on the floor on mattresses. Vazquez would bring them food, but she moved them into the hostel because the place was so bad.

From the hostel, they moved into a rental home, which is the same home where the couple was found dead. The kids were taken into foster care and that is where they still are today. According to the Mirror, the biological father of three of the boys is attempting to get custody of the kids.

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