Demi Lovato Releases New Music, And Fans Speculate That One Song Is About Nick Jonas

On September 29, Demi Lovato released her sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, and one of the songs has already gotten her fans buzzing, as they speculate over who the song could be about. As her fans began listening to her newest music, many took to social media in order to share their thoughts on the song "Ruin the Friendship," with plenty saying that they believe the track is about her best friend, and business partner, Nick Jonas.

As E! News reported, there were plenty of hints within the song that gave fans the idea that Demi Lovato was, in fact, singing about Nick Jonas, including the lyrics about playing the guitar for her and putting down the cigar. As the news outlet noted, not only can Jonas play the guitar and other instruments, but he is also known to enjoy smoking cigars at times. Plus, with lyrics talking about crossing lines and ruining a friendship, many fans believe that this could only mean one person: Nick Jonas.

In a recent interview, Demi Lovato said that she decided that after being frustrated with a situation in her life, she felt like she had to write about it. This led to her sitting down and writing the song, which she in turn sent to the person it was about. According to Lovato, sending the song to that person was "interesting" and she felt like anytime you decide to send something that is written about a person to that person, it can be considered "ballsy."

The singer explained that the other person knew how she felt, but neither of them had actually acknowledged it to each other. At the same time, Demi Lovato found out that the other person had also written a song about her as well. After sending the other person the song that she had written about them, they responded by sending her the song they had written about her.
While Demi Lovato refused to name who the other person was, she did say that they told her that her new song was incredible. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer made it clear that she was not going to confirm who the song was about, because she "would love to say who I'm singing about, but I like to keep some of that stuff personal to myself." As an admittedly "private person," the singer did not want to reveal who she was singing about, but she did say that when she does an interview, performs at a concert, or writes lyrics, she does end up sharing a lot about herself with her fans.
Although fans may speculate that Demi Lovato was actually singing about Nick Jonas in "Ruin the Friendship," the singer herself is not planning to confirm that theory at this time. Instead, she will only say that her hope with any of her music is that she is "able to inspire people to share their story and be honest and open with things that they believe in, then awesome."

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]