'Gold Rush' Season 8 Spoilers: Todd Hoffman's Crew Runs Into Angry Locals In Colorado As Tensions Run High

Gold Rush is soon to begin Season 8, and new spoilers indicate that amid a growing rivalry between Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel, there could be new very different drama complicating things for Hoffman's gold-digging crew.

In a preview of the upcoming season posted on People magazine, Todd and Parker made a $100,000 wager on which crew will find the most gold. While the season promises to show more of the adventures of their crews, news reports from Oregon indicate that there could be some very different troubles.

As OregonLive.com reported, Todd Hoffman's crew decided to move from Oregon to Colorado for Season 8, where some members of the local community expressed concern that the mining was expanding into residential areas.

One of the mines was served with a cease and desist order, and a report from KUSA noted that there were reports of threats against the miners. Members of Hoffman's crew reportedly told a sheriff's deputy and said that a neighbor had flagged down their truck and began shouting obscenities at the crew, then fired gunshots at them. The incident ended without any injuries.

Todd Hoffman hinted that the drama would make it into Season 8 of Gold Rush, writing on his Twitter page in May, "Interesting week. You guys are in for a ride season 8. Lol."

But the drama will clear itself up during the upcoming Gold Rush season, spoilers indicate. The KUSA report noted that Hoffman and his crew hosted a party in the town of Fairplay in order to ease tension in the community, reportedly spending $12,000 for an event that drew 1,200 people and raised money for some local non-profit organizations.

After facing some accusations that the drama on the show was contrived in order to create more compelling storylines, the real-life drama faced by Todd Hoffman and his crew could silence some of those critics. It will also create a new level of drama aside from the ever-present tensions and feuds between Hoffman and Parker Schanbel's crew.

Fans who want to see if the Gold Rush spoilers come true will not have much longer to wait. After a long hiatus since the last season ended, the two-hour premiere for Season 8 is set to air Friday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. There will be a live special featuring the mine bosses airing at 8 p.m. ET.

[Featured Image by Todd Hoffman/Instagram]