'Shahs Of Sunset' Star Mike Shouhed's Ex, Jessica Parido, Shows Off New Beau Mr. Flawless

Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed's ex-wife, Jessica Parido, has apparently found love again in Greg Yuna, aka Mr. Flawless.

Last season on Shahs of Sunset, viewers were shown the demise of Mike and Jessica's relationship after only a few short months of marriage. After repeatedly denying that the marriage ended because of infidelity, Mike finally admitted that he cheated on Jessica. Jessica's last scene was of her telling Mike's good friend, Reza Farahan, that it was finally over between her and Mike and that she wasn't ever going to go back to him. Mike, meanwhile, was shown crying over losing Jessica.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica, as season 5 aired, accused Mike of lying about her on the show. While Jessica did an interview with host Andy Cohen in her dressing room trailer, in which she defended her relationship and expressed her loyalty to Mike, for the Season 4 reunion show, she was nowhere to be seen on the Season 5 reunion show.

On the current sixth season, Jessica has only been shown in flashback scenes. In his confessional interview, Mike has expressed remorse over the end of their marriage and his desire to have a loving marriage and children. A preview for Sunday night's episode shows Mike reflecting on his relationship with Jessica as he signs the divorce papers. Mike comments that for the first few years of their relationship, they were inseparable and were on cloud nine. He then says that with any relationship, they later had their trials and tribulations. He tears up as he says that he can't change the past and that what's done is done. Flashback scenes of their engagement, wedding, and marital arguments -- including the moment when Jessica said on camera that Mike cheated on her -- are shown.

As for the divorce, Mike Shouhed says that he and Jessica Parido were doing it civilly after a cooling-off period. His divorce lawyer reveals that they are each leaving the marriage with their respective assets and no claims of alimony.

While the preview seems to show Mike still extremely saddened over losing Jessica, it seems that she has completely moved on with her life, including her love life. On Thursday, Jessica posted a photo of herself, while wearing a very sexy outfit, standing nose to nose with a man and smiling.

She captioned the photo, "Chapter II."

Several people left comments on Jessica's photo identifying the man as celebrity jeweler Greg Yuna, also known as Mr. Flawless. Indeed, the man in the photo is wearing a lot of diamond and gold jewelry and is wearing a T-shirt with a number two in Latin emblazoned on it. Mr. Flawless, who operates out of New York city and caters to the hip-hop crowd, markets himself under Chapter II. So it seems that Jessica's caption of "Chapter II" is perhaps both an identifier and a signal that she's done with Mike and sees Mr. Yuna as her romantic partner in the next chapter of her life.
But will Jessica Parido, after all that she went through with Shahs of Sunset's Mike Shouhed, end up heartbroken again because of cheating? One person left a comment on Jessica's photo asking whether Mr. Flawless has a girlfriend in New York. Jessica denied that her new beau is a cheater.

"marycontrary82: Wait if it is who I think it is doesn't this guy have a girlfriend in New York?

jessica___@marycontrary82 nopeeee"

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