Vicki Gunvalson Mocked By Her ‘RHOC’ Co-Stars And She Urges Eddie Judge To Come Out Of The Closet

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight when it comes to the feud between Real Housewives of Orange County stars Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge, and things are starting to get downright petty. Judge and fellow housewives Shannon Beador and Meghan King-Edmonds can’t seem to let go of all of the things Gunvalson has done, and in the most recent episode resorted to mocking her for being sick.

The mocking didn’t last long, according to Hollywood Life, but it was enough to show just how frustrated they are with Gunvalson and her alleged schemes. However, what was said came across as silly and childish. When Gunvalson announced that she was suffering from Influenza B, the other housewives immediately started flinging insults.

Edmonds asked, “How does she know what letter it is? Like why do you get it tested? All you do is you deal with it and you get better.”

Judge and Beador continue the conversation by calling Gunvalson dramatic and saying she was making it sound as bad as possible, adding that her name is “victim” instead of Vicki.

Each one of the women has a reason for not liking Vicki Gunvalson. Beador blames her for making her gain forty pounds, and the others have been the subject of nasty rumors allegedly started by the OG of the OC.

The ongoing rumor that won’t die is that Judge’s husband Eddie is gay. Judge is convinced that Gunvalson started the rumor and continues to add fuel to the fire. Earlier in the season, Gunvalson hosted a party attended by many of Judge’s former friends and the group talked about Eddie Judge’s sexuality and accused him of hooking up with men.

There is no doubt in Judge’s mind that Gunvalson staged this scene, even inviting the man of honor from her wedding (who is no longer her friend) to help keep the rumor going, Blasting News reported. Of course, Gunvalson denies that she started the rumor and insists she didn’t set up that scene.

However, Gunvalson did recently tell TMZ that if Judge is gay, he should say so because he is on a reality show and “sometimes things come out that you don’t want to come out.”

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