‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victor Fights After Taking Nick’s Money – Adam Returns After Xtian Reveal?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the week of October 2 state that Kevin (Greg Rikaart) helps Victor (Eric Braeden) to hit Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) finances. Victor makes Kevin hack into Nick’s bank account and move $500 million because he is determined to teach Nick a lesson. Victor wants to make Nick realize that his financial security depends on him.

Victor Escalates Conflict With Nick After Hitting His Finances

The conflict between Victor and Nick escalates very quickly after Nick discovers that $500 million is missing from his account. Nick discovers that his account is empty of funds when he tries to make a purchase. At first, he thinks it is an error, so he calls his banker. But he learns, to his shock, that his bank account has been drained of the funds he planned to use to expand his business.

Nick quickly concludes that Victor is behind the shocking action. Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Nick confronts Victor and demands an explanation, but Victor will deny any knowledge of the theft.

The conflict between the two escalates quickly and spins out of control.

Young and the Restless buzz suggests that Nick takes steps to ensure that his children have no contact with Victor. Nick could convince Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) that she needs to stay away from Victor. He could tell Faith about Victor’s latest move and warn her to stay away from her Grandpa because he is a vicious person.

Young and the Restless spoilers

Faith lost confidence in her grandpa after she discovered that he hid from her the truth that he was the one who threw Nick out of the ranch. Faith has been very critical of Victor since she learned that he forced Nick out of the tack house. When Noah (Robert Adamson) brought Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) to dinner at Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan), Faith openly criticized Victor, saying she just can’t understand Victor’s behavior.

Nick was forced to reveal to Faith that it was Victor who threw him out of the tack house after he learned from Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) that Victor had visited Faith at the summer camp and spoken to her about changes that occurred at home while she was away at the camp.

Nick guessed that Victor had gone behind his back to win Faith to his side.

Faith confronted Victor after she learned the truth and demanded an explanation. She felt betrayed because she was convinced that Victor had tried to mislead her.

Will Christian Paternity Reveal Follow?

Young and the Restless spoilers and buzz tease that when Nick retaliates, Victor escalates the conflict even further. Determined to make Nick suffer even more, Victor could move to reveal the truth about Christian’s (Jude and Ozzy McGuigan) paternity.

The revelation about Christian’s paternity deals Nick a crushing blow, but he would likely struggle to recover from it. However, he would hurt even more when he realizes that so many people in his life conspired to hide the truth from him.

Even Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) knew the truth about Christian’s paternity but chose to hide it from Nick.

However, since Adam, Christian’s biological father, is still believed to be dead, Nick could struggle to recover from the blow by rededicating himself to his role as Christian’s guardian. Despite the shocking impact of the revelation, Nick would continue to love Christian.

Will Victor Reveal That Adam Newman Is Still Alive?

Young and the Restless spoilers and buzz tease that Victor would hate to see that Nick is adjusting to the truth about Christian’s paternity. Now burning with the desire to inflict punishment that leaves Nick permanently wounded, Victor could decide to play his trump card.

Y&R buzz indicates that the revelation that Adam Newman, Christian’s biological father, is still alive could be the final move that Victor has in store for Nick.

The return of Adam Newman to Genoa City could spark a fierce rivalry with Nick. Adam could demand his son back from Nick. However, Nick might not want to give Christian up without a fight.

Nick is also in a relationship with Chelsea, Adam’s wife. The situation could result in a rivalry between the brothers, with Adam allying himself with Victor to fight Nick.

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