Is Twitter saving famous people from themselves?

Now right off the bat this is pure speculation and given the source you can take it with a grain of salt but Valleywag’s post about Twitter deleting messages that denigrate or malign stars on the service makes for some humorous conversation.

Ryan Tate playing off of a post at by Mickey Kaus suggests that the conspiracy to protect the fragile egos of famous people from those mean people out there has a possible ring of truth to it. To support the idea Ryan points to an exchange between Alyssa Milano and Ev Williams on Twitter

Here’s a chummy little conversation between Twitter CEO/co-founder Ev Williams… and known celebrity Alyssa Milano talking about Kaus’ conspiracy theory. She called it “interesting,” followed by Ev’s slick — too slick! — non-denial denial of Kaus’ allegations.

valleywag-twitterWilliams could have knocked down Kaus’ conspiracy allegations by simply saying “that’s absurd” or somesuch. But he didn’t. Now we’re actually kind of intrigued, at Kaus’ seemingly crackpot ideas.

As silly as the idea might appear on first blush it does make sense in some warped way that Twitter would consider doing something like this. After all Twitter desperately needs the continued presence of famous people from the entertainment industry to keep the fresh flow of suckers members willing to join the service and pump those numbers up.