WWE Rumors: Huge Update On John Cena's Return To WWE, Could Be Way Earlier Than Expected?

This week has been a roller coaster ride for the WWE Universe, especially for the John Cena fans. Cena lost to Roman Reigns after a fierce 20 minutes encounter at No Mercy. While the moment was seen as an attempt to push Roman Reigns as the new face of WWE, it also raised questions about Cena's future in WWE.

John Cena received chants of "thank you, Cena" after his loss at No Mercy. It was a subtle indication that rumors of John Cena taking a hiatus from WWE to shoot for his movie projects including Transformers movie spin-off, Bumblebee could be true. Later, his appearance on RAW Talk further complicated things.

During the interview, an emotional Cena spoke about his changing role in the scheme of things. He also accepted the fact that at his age it was difficult to keep up with WWE akin to earlier years and he wasn't sure for how long he could do that. He concluded by clarifying that he was not retiring, but things will certainly change for him.

John Cena confirmed his immediate hiatus from WWE, but did not specify the tenure of the same. Considering what had transpired, fans were preparing for a long break from John Cena. However, it turns out that might not be the case and he would be back way sooner than expected.

John Cena lost to Roman Reigns raising questions of his retirement
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The latest WWE rumors indicate that John Cena will be gone for just a month and will be back at Survivor Series, as reported by Wrestling News. This would mean he will miss only TLC and Hell in the Cell. If things do not go as planned, it is possible that John Cena could be gone until 2018.

It is also speculated that WWE is testing the waters before there is a much longer break for John Cena. It is no secret that Cena has several Hollywood options at his disposal and sooner rather than later, WWE might have to consider the possibility of John Cena taking up more projects.

John Cena is still one of the top merchandise sellers and is capable of pulling the crowds. With the passing of the torch moment at No Mercy and the rumored Shield Reunion, WWE is trying hard to ensure Roman Reigns becomes the next John Cena. Only time will tell, how well can Roman Reigns fulfill the responsibility?

WWE Fans, do you Roman Reigns can be the next John Cena? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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