Passenger Reportedly Tries To Board Plane With 96 Snakes In Carry On

Snakes on a plane — almost.

An air passenger perhaps took the 2006 Samuel L. Jackson movie Snakes on a Plane a little too seriously when he allegedly tried to board a flight with 96 snakes stuffed in his luggage.

He apparently was trying to “make a killing” as it were, financially speaking only, by smuggling the snakes out of the country.

The incident took place in Cairo, Egypt, when a man apparently tried to take the reptiles on a flight to Saudi Arabia to sell them there for a high price but was arrested at the airport before he boarded the flight.

According to the Emirates 24/ website, the snakes (nearly) on a plane incident was reported in both Egyptian and Saudi media:

“Customs men in Cairo suspected the passenger’s bulging clothes inside his bag as he headed for the aircraft, newspapers in Egypt and Saudi Arabia said.

“When they searched the bag again, they found 96 snakes with a length ranging between 30 and 90 cm each.”

The website also indicates that the passenger had various kinds of snakes in his carry on but it was unclear if any of them were poisonous.

Earlier this month, an EgyptAir flight en route from Cairo to Kuwait City had to make an emergency landing when a passenger was bitten by a snake that some witnesses said was a cobra. Transporting live reptiles out of Egypt is illegal

There also have been other reported incidents at the Cairo airport of passengers being arrested for trying to smuggle snakes.