NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick Turns Down Canadian Football League Offer As He Continues To Seek NFL Comeback

Colin Kaepernick still has his sights set on an NFL return, with the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback reportedly turning down an offer to play in the Canadian Football League and getting a bit of help from an NFL star in his plans to return to the league.

Kaepernick has been sidelined since opting out of his contract with the 49ers, with many of his supporters claiming that NFL owners are essentially blackballing the former Super Bowl starter due to his political views. It was Kaepernick who first sparked the movement to take a knee during the national anthem in protest, and though it has since grown to include hundreds of players, supporters believe Kaepernick is the one paying the price for it.

There has apparently been a chance to play football outside the NFL. As Niners Nation reported, the Montreal Alouettes reached out to Kaepernick's agent to let him know that the Alouettes hold his rights if Kaepernick chooses to move to the CFL, but Kaepernick has offered no response. Pro Football Talk added that sources close to Kaepernick say he has no interest in the CFL offer.

So, with Colin Kaepernick apparently focused on making an NFL return, he is getting some help with the cause. A number of other players have already spoken up in his favor, including quarterback Cam Newton publicly saying that Kaepernick deserves to be on a roster, and now, another player has entered the fray.

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who played with Kaepernick on the University of Nevada football team, said Kaepernick is ready to step onto the field as soon as he gets a call.

"The dude, he's in shape, he's yoked, actually," Marshall said (via ESPN). "He's so strong. He's ready to go. He told me he's been working out when I last talked to him. He said he's just waiting for a call. That's the next step."

But a number of quarterback openings have come and gone without Colin Kaepernick getting a call. The Baltimore Ravens reported considered signing Kaepernick after Joe Flacco went down in the offseason, but opted against signing him. The Indianapolis Colts have also stayed away from Kaepernick as Andrew Luck's injury recovery has stretched into the Week 4, with his return likely not coming until November.

So, while the NFL rumors indicate that Colin Kaepernick is still trying to make a comeback, there is not yet a team willing to cooperate.

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