Did Heidi Klum Breakup With Boyfriend Of Three Years Due To Drug Dealing?

There are questions about the timeline of the breakup of Heidi Klum and her boyfriend of three years, Vito Schnabel, and what role his arrest played in ending the relationship. The former model and host of America's Got Talent and Project Runway announced this week that she ended the relationship because she needs a break, but news just broke that Schnabel had been arrested on September 3 for manufacturing and distributing psychedelic mushrooms.

Heidi Klum, 44, released a statement saying that she needed to take a step back from her relationship with Vito Schnabel, 31.

"I believe that it is important to take time to pause and reflect."

Friends of Klum said that she and Schnabel started to take time apart earlier this month. Since the announcement, Heidi Klum has been seen out and about with her girlfriends, looking happy. They also say that there were many things working against Klum and Schnabel.

"Things have been difficult recently, they live on opposite coasts. And it's the start of a school year and Heidi has to concentrate on the kids."

Heid Klum has four children, including three with ex-husband Seal. Their children are Henry, 12; Johan, 10; and daughter Lou, 7. She also has daughter Leni, 13, from a previous relationship, so Heidi Klum has her hands full.

So it is possible that Heidi Klum just has her hands full, but the breakup seems to coincide with Vito Schnabel's hallucinogenic or magic mushrooms arrest on September 3 in Nevada. A spokesperson for the Pershing County Jail in Nevada said that Schnabel was arrested "for the distribution and manufacturing of the controlled substance Psilocybin."

Vito Schnabel was released on bond the same day, and he has a hearing on October 17. Pershing County released the following statement.

"The Defendant did willfully, unlawfully import, transport, sell, exchange, barter, supply, prescribe, dispense, give away or administer a controlled or counterfeit substance and manufacture or compound a controlled or counterfeit substance. On or about September 3, 2017, at or near 10 and Deep Playa of the Burning Man Event… the Defendant did transport to Black Rock City, Psilocybin, a schedule one controlled substance."
Schnabel was arrested with the mushrooms at Burning Man and is now facing five years behind bars, so add the breakup with Klum to that equation and Vito Schnabel is having a very bad September.


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Vito Schnabel has not commented on the breakup with Heidi Klum or his arrest for magic mushrooms.

Do you think that Heidi Klum ended her three-year relationship with Vito Schnabel because of his drug manufacturing and distribution?

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