Ariel Winter's Mother Accuses Her Of Lying About Past Abuse

Actress Ariel Winter and her mother have had an incredibly contemptuous relationship, to say the least. Winter was emancipated from her mother while she was still a minor, citing issues like abuse in the home for wanting to live independently from her mother. Her mother, Crystal Workman, has oft responded to Ariel's crazy outfit choices by saying that her daughter looks "slutty" or saying that she doesn't agree with the apparel Ariel has picked out. In response, Ariel has become somewhat of a spokesperson for loving yourself and your body.

Workman recently appeared on Inside Edition to deliver some of the gossip about Ariel. While on the show, she accuses her own daughter of lying about her childhood, saying that the abuse that caused Ariel to seek emancipation at 14 never happened. Workman stated that Ariel Winter was often "throwing her mother under the bus" and "continued to attack her," despite Ariel making it clear that she is not interested in a relationship with her mother.

Some of the abuse allegations against Workman are both physical and emotional. It is claimed that Winter was on a restrictive, near-starvation diet as a child in order to ensure that she kept her weight down. As a result, assistants often ordered meals under a different name so that Ariel could eat.

Ariel Winter's mother also accused her daughter of "craving attention" and said that "she just wants to be in the headlines."

The star was unimpressed by Inside Edition giving her mother a chance to speak. Most of all, Ariel thought the fact that her mother said she wanted to reconnect with Ariel was disingenuous. She believes that if her mother truly wanted to repair their relationship, she would come to her and not use a television show as a conduit to air their dirty laundry. She also bashed the television show for giving her mother a voice to "bash" her own daughter.

Workman finished off the interview by showing audiences that she currently lives in a storage facility, which she said was unfair as her daughter was currently banking in $100,000 per episode of Modern Family.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]