Gamers End Of The World Confessions: Ooops, We Are Still Here

Thanks to our good friends at Kotaku and writer Patricia Hernandez, we thought you might enjoy the end of the world confessions from gamers around the planet. Fortunately, the world did not end on Friday, and we can continue to play our favorite games.

However, the folks who posted their final confessions might wish they had never done so, now that the Mayans have been proven wrong, and we are all still here. But there is no taking it back on the internet, and they are now doomed to a life of infamy.

Perhaps we should all be grateful the planet is still here, and give some thought to what we might have said before the world ended. Enjoy their comments, and try your best not to rub it in.


  1. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions My Xbox wasn’t really broken, I just told costco it was so I could get the newest model…..5 timesJ-me ✌@The_Siko_
  2. #endoftheworldconfessions I want an xbox more than I want a boyfriendLameez F @Lameez_F
  3. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions Starved my hamster to death when i was younger it chewed through my xbox wires, well deserved. #badmanconfessionsJames Brady@JamesBradyMUFC
  4. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions im the kinda girl who spends more time on xbox than fussing over what i wear/look like.Jay Louise Dale@_abcdefghi_Jay
  5. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I pawned your xbox when we broke upHouston’s Top Model@ModeLyfeVintage
  6. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I caught my boyfriend fapping one out with his XboxAlianna Medina @Alianna_EmmXoXo
  7. #EndoftheWorldConfessions when I tell people i’m playing call of duty..i’m actually playing Just Dance 4 for the Wii…like a bossBen Ternosky@stormlax42
  8. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I care more about my xbox than about most people.Shanette@_fearlesscbe
  9. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I broke my brothers wii by throwing it across the room cause I didn’t win mario cart,blamed it on the dogI❤food.@nualamaylloyd
  10. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I don’t wear the saftey strap on wii controllers.Mitchell Herrmann@MitchHerrmann
  11. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I’ve broken a total of 7 video game controllers because of raging.Crash@CrashMcCloud
  12. I did climb through an apartment window when I was 7 and stole $10 in quarters for video games at 7-11.#EndoftheworldconfessionsGeoff Ketchum@gkketch
  13. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I wish I were as dedicated to music now as I used to be dedicated to Starcraft and Fighting Video Games.Dr. JT@Vexli
  14. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions. I used to steal money from my mom’s purse to play video games.Umair Imran Subzwari@UmairTheWise
  15. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions I believe that the survival-horror genre of video games is dying an agonizingly slow death.SirHellsing420@SirHellsing420
  16. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions that time you txtd me I ddnt rply cos I said I was asleep? Yh, well I was actually playing video gamesGeorge Blavo@Mr_Blavo
  17. #EndOfTheWorldConfessions i have a deathly fear of chainsaws, thanks to level four in the video game “zombies ate my neighbors”. #hatethemjordan melissa@jordanmelissaxo