Jessa Duggar Assists 'Princess' Jinger In Throwback Photo Shared By Jeremy Vuolo

Jessa and Jinger Duggar have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and Jeremy Vuolo recently gave fans a look back at how the sisters' strong bond was formed.

It was hard on the Duggar sisters last year when Jinger, 23, moved hundreds of miles away from Springdale, Arkansas to her new home in Laredo, Texas, but she and Jessa, 24, have made sure to keep in touch via video chat. They also occasionally pay tribute to their special relationship on Instagram, and they aren't the only ones who appreciate their affection for each other. On Thursday, Jinger's husband celebrated their friendship by posting a throwback photo of his wife and her sister sharing a sweet sisterly moment.

"A princess never puts on her own socks. I'll take it from here, @jessaseewald," Jeremy Vuolo captioned the image.

In the snapshot, Jinger Duggar is sitting on a stool while a curly-haired Jessa puts a white sock on her foot. According to the photo's date stamp, it was taken on December 20, 1995, the day before Jinger's second birthday. Jessa would have been just three-years-old at the time, but it looks like Michelle Duggar was already teaching her toddler daughter how to take care of the younger Duggars. Jinger would also be expected to assist with the childcare and housework as soon as she was old enough to do so; a burden she would bear until she got married and moved out at age 22.

After all those years of hard work, Jinger's husband thinks it's time for her to be waited on like a "princess," and it looks like he's decided that one way to make his wife feel pampered is to put her socks on her feet for her, just like Jessa did all those years ago.

Duggar fans were delighted by the old family photo of Jinger and Jessa, and they also fell in love with Jeremy's caption.

"Love it! And love your post even more Jeremy," wrote one of the Duggar husband's Instagram followers. "You must be the sweetest most romantic husband God ever created. Jinger is so lucky, you both deserve each other."

"This is lovely," read another comment. "What a sweet bond they have always had!"

Because Jessa Duggar is a year older than Jinger, the younger Duggar daughter looked up to her and followed her lead when they were younger. In a Counting On webisode, Jessa revealed a downside of this leader-follower relationship as she always got the blame when they teamed up and did something that got them in trouble.

"We would get in trouble together, and Jinger could always say, 'It was Jessa's idea!'" Jessa said.

As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar had admitted that she was "probably not the best influence" on Jinger when they were growing up, but her younger sister eventually started speaking up and saying no to her bad ideas. Once Jinger began encouraging Jessa to "do the right thing," she became one of her older sister's "greatest role models."

Jessa Duggar has repeatedly talked about how much she misses her younger sister, so Jinger and Jeremy have been trying to convince Jessa and her husband to move to Laredo. Duggar fans will have to stay tuned to find out if Jeremy's throwback photo tugs at Jessa's heartstrings hard enough to help make this happen.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]