Prince George In Danger! Inside A Terrorist's Plot To Kidnap And Ransom Will And Kate's Oldest Son

Prince William and Kate Middleton have increased security after police uncovered an evil plot to kidnap their oldest boy, Prince George. Terrorists reportedly planned to take the 4-year-old at his school and ransom him for $50 million. Although Scotland Yard foiled the plan, William and Kate are still worried about George's safety and are on high alert for other potential kidnappers.

An inside source told Radar Online that a terrorist cell worked out a detailed plan to take George at his school. One of the plotters broke into the school over the summer and stole floor plans. Using the school layout, the would-be-kidnappers figured out Prince George's classroom and hatched a plan to ransom him for cash.

Authorities uncovered the plot while investigating a separate incident at the school. A mentally unwell woman named Louise Chantry was caught breaking into the building twice. Chantry's story created a lot of buzz and convinced an undercover agent to leak details about the sinister plot. Three men were reportedly taken into custody in connection with the kidnapping scheme.

While the kidnappers are off the streets, William and Middleton are not happy about the whole ordeal. The insider claims that Kate was distraught after police discovered the plot and wanted the entire family to relocate to Norfolk. William is trying his best to assure Kate that their kids are well-protected, but she isn't willing to risk their lives for the sake of the crown.

There's no telling if William and Middleton will pull George from school and move out of London. If George had a say in the matter, however, he wouldn't be going to school at all. According to Telegraph, the future king is already tired of going to school every day, even though he just started attending this month.

William and George at school
George's first day at Thomas's Battersea. [Image by Richard Pohle/AP Images]

William and Middleton are currently preparing for the birth of their third baby. The couple moved to London so that they could be more active in the royal family. William is second-in-line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles, who will become king once Queen Elizabeth II passes away. The couple has not commented on the reported attempts to kidnap Prince George.

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