Ohio Holiday Collision Kills Four [Breaking]

A family leaving a Christmas party in a minivan died when they went the wrong way on a southwestern Ohio highway and hit another minivan with a family going to see their grandparents.

At 2:30 am on Interstate 75 near Franklin, the head-on collision took the lives of three adults and one seven-year-old boy and severely injured two more children, says The Independent.

Ohio State Patrol Sgt. Stan Jordan says that the driver was apparently drunk. There had been liquor on the driver’s breath and a bottle of alcohol in the vehicle.

Joshua Nkansah, 40, of Fairfield had been driving with his children when he decided it was a good idea to turn around and head into oncoming traffic.

The vehicle struck another minivan carrying Scott and Michele Barhorst of Madisonville, Tennessee and their four children, the officer said. The children were ages eight to 18.

Nkansah, his son David, and Michele Barhorst were all instantly killed on impact. Her husband Scott died later in a Cincinatti hospital.

Nkansah’s son Darius and nine-year-old Haley Barhorst were left in critical condition, according to CNS News.

Joshua Nkansah leaves behind a wife, who had stayed home.

More details to be released.