Illinois Mom Who Stabbed Two Kids, 7 And 5, Nearly 150 Times Found Guilty Of Murder

An Illinois court has ruled that Elzbieta Plackowska, the mom who claimed to have seen the devil enter the bedroom of her son before stabbing the boy and a young female friend to death, is guilty of murder.

Plackowska reportedly believed that she was exorcising the evil out of the bodies of Justin Plackowska, her 7-year-old son, and 5-year-old Olivia Dworakowski, when she took a knife to their sleeping bodies and stabbed them more than 150 times in 2012, according to the New York Daily News.

The deaths took place in Plackowska's home in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

On Wednesday morning, the murderous mother, who also murdered two dogs in the massacre, was found guilty of murder in the first degree of the two young children.

"There is no better evidence than the defendant's own words: 'I'm not supposed to, but I have to,'" State's Attorney Bob Berlin relayed to the court, according to ABC 7, adding, "Those are the most important words she said. She knew what she was doing was wrong."

Ms. Plackowska stated during deliberations that she witnessed a "black shadow"enter the bedroom where Justin and Olivia were sleeping, as a previous Daily News post mentions, in October of 2012, and believed she was "killing the devil."

"Elzbieta Plackowska thought she was doing the right thing when she killed her 7-year-old son, Justin, and 5-year-old Olivia, who she'd been babysitting at the time," expert Phillip Resnick testified on Wednesday.

"Ms. Plackowska had a psychotic belief that devils had entered Olivia and Justin and that by taking their lives, she was allowing the children to enter heaven," Resnick said.

"The shadow spoke to her, he said," the Daily News adds, "urging her to 'kill them, kill them.'"

The mom did as she was "told," stabbing both kids; Justin, nearly 100 times, and Olivia, close to 50. Both children would later die as a result of their gruesome injuries.

mom stab kids
Illinois mom Elzbieta Plackowska reportedly stabbed two kids to death after claiming to be told to do so by a "black shadow." [Image by mrtom-uk/iStock]

Ms. Plackowska's attorney argued that had the mother been in her right mind, there was no way she could've possibly hurt Justin or Olivia, and the lawyer begged for mercy on her client's behalf.

"It was her psychotic and delusional belief that she was killing the devil when she killed the children and dogs," Kristen Nevdal expressed, adding that Elzbieta loved both of the children.

"A voice told her she must kill them perfectly so they could go to heaven."
Berlin replied that the mother gave at least 12 different versions of what occurred on the evening of October 30, 2012.
After being found guilty, Judge Robert Miller agreed that the Illinois mother was well aware that she had done something wrong by stabbing the children, and she deserved to be punished for her deadly actions.

"Even giving credence to the most lucid of the defendant's various explanations, the choice to commit the criminal act because killing the devil within the children would be a 'greater good' for humanity is still a decision incorporating the legal wrongfulness of the stabbings," Judge Miller said, according to the Naperville Sun.

A sentencing date for the mom who stabbed the kids was not reported by the Daily News.

[Featured Image by Dupage County Sheriff's Office]